In An Odd Exchange, Joe Biden Mentions Sucking Blood From Kids

Joe Biden, President, Husband, Father, and weird. Biden got creepier when he responded to a reporter who asked him, “Are there people in the Democratic Party who want to defund the police?” Pretty simple yes or no question, and the obvious answer is yes, or Biden could babble like he usually does. But no, he decided to do none of those, and of the many responses the President could have used, of course, he chose the creepiest answer yet. Does anyone else feel like Biden has multiple personalities?

Biden responded, “Are there people in the Republican Party who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?” Really? That’s what the President of the United States has to say in response to a direct inquiry from a reporter? There are lines that Biden has crossed before, like being inappropriately close to children, smelling hair, all of which should disqualify him by voters, but ‘come on, man,’ this is a far reach for the President.

What Biden was talking about is adrenochrome, adrenalized blood from children that elites use. Conspiracy theorists have spoken of adrenochrome for years. While this has not been proven as an anti-aging method, it’s speculated that those high up in politics and celebrities use it to stay young-looking and to give them mental sharpness.

With all the talk of the White House flagging misinformation posts, Biden has most definitely been briefed on what they’re looking for to flag. Since Biden hasn’t ever said anything like this, it’s clear that the White House is reaching far beyond vaccination information and diving into the conspiracy theory realm as well. That’s why Biden made the ridiculous comment. It was targeted against the conspiracy theory crowd, who have no political party. Radicals can be found on both sides of the aisle. If you study any conspiracy theories, you can tell pretty quickly that just as many conspiracies exist about the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and many conspiracy theories involve both parties.

This outburst goes to show that the White House, yet again, isn’t hiding their cards. Most things can be figured out if you look into the context of the statements, but will be engaging the things the White House is willing to flag through Facebook, and what is the Supreme Court going to say when Donald Trump’s lawsuit goes before them? Americans are waiting for the decision with bated breath. It’s arguably the most significant ruling of our lifetime because social media is a large landscape of information and freedom of speech and expression. The decision is going to shape the way social media platforms are used for many years to come. We hope it’s in favor of freedom and not censorship.