In-N-Out Burger Bans Masks For Employees, Sparking Liberal Outrage

Famous burger chain In-N-Out has made a bold step that has the mask-advocating liberal media clutching their pearls. The West Coast-based fast food giant recently introduced a policy prohibiting employees from wearing masks unless they can provide a doctor’s note declaring it medically necessary.

The company’s decision seeks to “emphasize the importance of customer service and the ability to show our Associates’ smiles and other facial features.” In-N-Out is known for its exceptional customer service and stringent health and safety standards. They aim to maintain these brand values while assuring facial expressions, vital for human interaction, are not hindered. Employees refusing to comply risk potential termination, driving home the seriousness of the policy.

However, leftists on social media have predictably exploded with outrage. Critics call the rule “discriminatory,” demanding it be reversed by the company’s executives. Despite this outcry, we can’t help but remember when these same critics were celebrating businesses for implementing mask mandates where local governments had not.

Interestingly, the new mask policy isn’t for all locations. The rule addresses branches in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas, with an implementation date of August 14. California and Oregon are spared, perhaps indicating a strategic business move that resonates with the overall political climate of these states.

But the policy isn’t the only significant development from In-N-Out. The family-owned business, known for its traditional operating style, has revealed plans to soon open a new corporate hub in Franklin, Tennessee. They’re not merely fleeing the oppressive California regulations and taxes but investing $125 million in the new Tennessee facility, estimated to create 275 jobs. This move aligns with their brand values of promoting growth and stability, much to the delight of Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee (R).

In an era where companies are forced to kneel before cancel-culture whims, In-N-Out’s steadfastness is refreshingly welcome. They’ve prioritized customer service over performative measures and expanded their operations, contributing to job growth. Amid the outrage, it’s evident that they remain focused on their mission and values, and that’s an American spirit worth celebrating.

Whether one agrees with In-N-Out’s decision or not, there’s something to be said about a company that sticks to its principles in a volatile regulatory landscape. It may be time for critics to consider that the free market allows businesses to create their own rules, whether enforcing masks or rejecting them. And as consumers, we have the freedom to choose where to spend our money, whether in a masked-up burger joint or a place that lets you see the server’s smile.