Inflation Drives Employees And Bosses Mad

When all our expenses are skyrocketing thanks to the horrid failed anti-presidency of Joe Biden, everyone needs more income. When some low-skilled employees asked for a raise, a boss went nuts on Facebook.

The adage is that if you want to get paid more, then increase your value. But these days, people working part-time jobs are trying to find ways to boost their income. Too many people have collected unemployment and would rather stay on the government dole instead of going back to work.

An entrepreneur’s tirade about lazy workers who want a larger salary sets people off. Their rant went viral when they demanded that individuals looking for a new job add to their range of abilities before requesting a salary increase. They seem to think that working fewer hours is out of the question, even for parents with children they are taking care of.

The tirade was purportedly posted on a looking-for workgroup on Facebook. Instead of hiring their employees, this entrepreneur told low-skilled workers to be happy making minimum wage until they upgrade their skills. Ten years of experience is not considered worthy of a raise. The rant was screenshotted and transferred to Reddit.

When a local entrepreneur has a fit on her page attacking people looking for work, we have crossed the reasonable threshold of discourse. Many dedicated people need more money rather than assume that everyone who asks for more money is unqualified. When looking for employment these days, salary and time matter to individuals.

This fit of rage contains a strong urging concerning what’s generally anticipated of them in the gig market. Instead of paying $14 an hour with weekends off, these low-skilled positions require working nights and weekends. This business owner asks what they have done to enhance their abilities before demanding a better job. It is the rub for employees, and better jobs can have higher salaries and nicer schedules.

This manager asks if you need to be off each night by 5 PM and only work 25 hours per week. You can not expect benefits for your whole family paid by the organization. The crippling effect of a healthcare system has been run into the ground thanks to Obamacare and the Democrats.

Low-skilled positions do not require people who pursue changes, take online courses, read books on leadership, or gain certifications. This entrepreneur ends with, “What the hell have you done to earn anything?” If this is in an entry-level position, paying kids a minimum wage as they work through school makes sense. If it is a career position, expect people to do enough to earn a living wage. The business needs to have a model that produces profitable revenue per employee. But this is threatened because of the Biden Supply Chain Crisis and all of the regulations and mandates being dumped on businesses.

Instead, this business owner insists that employers hold out and only hire “studs.” Presumably, this means people like them, really hard workers.