Inflation is Now Hitting Amazon

The longer inflation drags on, the uglier it seems to get. With each passing day, Americans are remaining trapped in a negative spiral of not being able to afford living costs that just keep climbing.

At the same time, Americans have been forced to hear the lies from a president who insists on gaslighting everyone about the situation. First, the Biden administration insisted inflation was “transitory.”

The narrative has since shifted with one excuse after the next; although, the latest claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin bears responsibility for what’s happening with inflation and rising consumer prices.

The reality here is that inflation was a problem long before the tyrannical Russian president carried out an invasion of Ukraine. Now, inflation has reached another awful milestone in America, as documented by The Blaze.

Nowhere to Hide

On Wednesday, Americans who shop on Amazon got some bad news. Due to the Biden price hike, Amazon is now charging its customers a 5% surcharge.

According to the massive delivery company, this surcharge is not just because of inflation, but also because of higher gas costs. Amazon is also on record stating there’s no telling if inflation costs will rise, fall, or simply vanish altogether.

While the 5% surcharge is the result of “further challenges,” per Amazon, the company claims that users who don’t use “fulfillment services” won’t be impacted by the surcharge.

Believe it or not, Amazon is not alone when it comes to implementing a surcharge amid inflation and current gas prices. Americans who use rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber will notice a modest surcharge tacked onto ride fares.

The same also applies to folks who use delivery services like Instacart, UberEats, DoorDash, etc., to order groceries or food from restaurants.

Like Amazon, none of these other companies have provided a specific deadline for when the surcharges will be removed from order costs.

The End Result of Wasteful Spending

Last year, the Biden administration was warned about the harmful impacts that would come along with the federal government spending and printing money as if it grows on trees.

Democrats in the House and Senate were also warned, but they didn’t listen; instead, they chose to stand by and vote for the very policies that created the ongoing inflation crisis.

No matter how many times the left calls this a “Putin price hike” the timeline of US inflation vs. the Russian invasion of Ukraine simply doesn’t add up.

For the time being, Americans need to prepare themselves for extra and higher charges across the board.