Intelligence Community Verified Hunter Biden’s Laptop In 2019

In a shocking revelation, it has been confirmed that several top intelligence officials in the United States consciously misinformed the public about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election, falsely attributing it to a Russian disinformation operation. This unprecedented betrayal of trust involves the individuals tasked with protecting our nation and its sensitive information.

Among the lead signatories of the false declaration was James Clapper, who has held numerous high-ranking intelligence posts, including Director of National Intelligence, Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, and Director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency. Clapper, an 82-year-old intelligence veteran, has shown a willingness to sideline truth for political expediency. Still, his participation in this event exhibits a new level of audacity.

In addition to Clapper, the letter bore signatures of three influential figures within Washington’s intelligence establishment: Michael Hayden, former Director of both the CIA and NSA; Leon Panetta, another former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense during Obama’s presidency; and John Brennan, a third ex-CIA director, who also served as White House Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor.

In October 2020, these esteemed officials declared that Biden’s laptop, which contains a wealth of information on troubling and criminal activities, was part of a “Russian disinformation campaign.” Despite evidence from the FBI, which had authenticated the laptop months prior, they maintained this assertion.

A whistleblower, IRS Supervisory Criminal Investigative Agent Gary Shapley, unveiled a memo detailing the FBI’s verification process and their confidence in the laptop’s authenticity.

Furthermore, federal investigators had known since December 2019 that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained “reliable evidence” and was “not manipulated in any way.” However, they were “obstructed” from accessing all available information. These claims came to light in testimonies by two IRS whistleblowers to the House Ways and Means Committee. These officials alleged political influence in the Justice Department, FBI, and IRS decision-making processes related to the Hunter Biden tax evasion case.

Shapley, who was supervising the IRS investigation into the matter, testified that decisions made at every stage of the probe seemed politically influenced and benefitted the subject of the investigation. He also testified that despite numerous requests for access to the laptop, prosecutors chose to limit their access to the evidence.

This exposé illuminates a stark picture of political corruption at the highest levels in Washington. It’s not just a question of who lied to the American people but also the degree to which this deceit was calculated and systematic. The individuals implicated, who have held positions of significant influence, must face consequences.