Irony Is Lost On Adam Schiff, Now Ranting About Trump’s “Totalitarian Cult”

As far as highly discredited ridiculous farces go, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff (CA) is one of the most self-serving politicians in this country. He must get paid extra every time he attempts to pick a fight with Donald Trump.

On Sunday, Schiff claimed that the Republican Party, the feckless Mitch McConnell, is a clique around Donald Trump. Yes, we love Donald Trump as President. We can look at the disaster that the maladministration of Joe Biden has presided over.

But calling Donald Trump a totalitarian is like calling Mother Teresa a greedy jerk. It does not make sense. The man gave the keys to the country to Anthony Fauci, could never drain the swamp, and stepped down after being confronted with a media and deep state-manufactured electoral crisis.

If Trump were a totalitarian, things in this country would be very different. But that is barely the point. Joe Biden is the sock puppet for the Democrat Party and their collective dreams of ruling in perpetuity.

Schiff thinks Republicans are not interested in administering the government, so it is left to the reluctant Democrats to take over. We all know he is a lousy liar. Democrats’ statist authoritarian instincts are incredibly blatant. CBS Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan prompted Schiff to consider partisan loyalties as if America is mad when Washington is not working.

Adam thinks that the Republican Party is presently an absolutist cult. He feels that Donald Trump did not inspire large portions of the country. Schiff believes that Democrats will protect the credit rating of the country. Even though tax and spend liberals could care less about the solvency of this nation. They are tanking the economy and spending us into bankruptcy.

Adam says that we need to grant the Democrats more power to assist individuals who need to put food on the table. Is he aware that President Donald Trump had the highest African American, Hispanic, and female employment rates? Ever. It is as if he thinks that his audience is idiots, which makes him look stupid.

While the Democrats give away unemployment income and create a dependent underclass, Schiff wants them to address immense variations in pay like increasing minimum wage. He thinks that federalizing elections is a recipe for success. That is totalitarianism, nearly by definition.

Brennan points out that as one of her favorite partisans Robert Kagan, Schiff sounds the warning against the Republican Party. He thinks that the GOP attempting to challenge elections is the fundamental problem in our nation, not our need for an election integrity or the ability to accurately verify that our citizen’s right to vote is honored and not canceled by fraud. To Adam, the constitutional crisis has nothing to do with respecting the founding documents but instead tearing them up.

Adam called out Republican Representative Chuck Grassley (IA), who attended the Trump Rally in Iowa. We all should listen to the former President’s work on the Justice Department to overturn the election results if fraud is detected and proven. But Schiff went on to criticize Republican Representative Steve Scalise (TX), who survived a gun attack while attending Congressional softball practice, as a Republican who is unfit because he agrees with the notion that we need to uphold our election integrity and prevent the dissolution of our nation.

Adam said that he wrote his book because, on January 6, a vicious assault took place on the Capitol. He thinks that Republicans, not the FBI, encouraged this bizarre riot.

Many gathered to protest election irregularities in the intervening months between November 3, 2020, and January. The crowds chanted, “Stop the steal!” and Trump played to their concerns. But he never told anyone to break into the Capitol building. Instead, he specifically said, “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Schiff is afraid that we should maintain the current distrust in these institutions rather than expose the truth about our election processes flaws. He thinks that Trump is lying about the last election and the events on January 6.

The lying, conniving Adam Schiff then lectures Republicans about ethics and the high morality of his belief system, which includes fabricating conversations and leaking classified information in some Quixotic attempt to unseat an excellent chief executive. His frothing hatred for Donald Trump is only exceeded by his selective memory and distortion of facts.