Is A Republican ‘Landslide’ And Democrat ‘Collapse’ Coming In November?

Like the Family Feud, the survey says voters oppose Democrat policies on immigration, drugs, regulations, and crime. Democrat Representative House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) is concerned and floundering. She is afraid that her party will lose many seats this coming election.

Liberals are falling behind in all polls, and Joe Biden is at historic lows in approval ratings. Democrats are over 10 points behind Republicans. The Democrats are pushing for more regulations, mandates, tanking economy, open borders, and foreign policy blunders.

According to the Trafalgar Group, 42% of Americans lean Democrat, and 54% favor Republicans. Voters have seen through the Democrat control of the country through the sock puppet Joe Biden and his maladministration. How does the person who received the most significant number of popular votes in American history become so unpopular so fast?

Many people are exasperated with the inflation, supply chain crisis, illegal immigration, increased drug seizures, hostility from China, rising gas costs, corruption in the deep state, and CRT and LGBTQ agendas manipulating children in public schools while labeling parents domestic terrorists.

Contrary to the BLM narrative, 80% of Americans accept police departments as necessary. They want to completely fund and support the men and women in blue and examine wrongdoing by cops and officials who misuse their power.

AOC and The Squad undermine police departments across the country. They want to redistribute assets from law enforcement to psychological well-being care and local social workers. When they are done, the police will only be a clean-up crew. George Soros’ Open Society is shutting down law and order by placing lawyers like Larry Krasner in Philadelphia and Chesa Boudin in San Francisco in the District Attorney’s office to reduce detainment and the end of cash bail release criminals to slump back into crime.

Nearly 70% of Americans surveyed believe that developing animosity from China is a danger to our nation. The Biden-Harris maladministration is indebted to Beijing, and while it talks harshly about the CCP’s forceful activities in the South China Sea, it will probably do nothing. China’s many financial systems are being rewritten, seeking to displace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Democrats from Congress worked against regulations that would boycott Chinese merchandise imports from Uyghur slavery. A political blacklist of the Beijing Winter Olympics was a PR stunt, but US athletes still participated in the games.

Also, 56% of Americans believe fentanyl from China contributes to overdose deaths. The CDC has reported a massive increase in drug-related deaths. Customs and Border Protection seizures of fentanyl on the Mexico border have doubled since 2021. Senate Democrats opposed laws that would have supported efforts to stop narcotics trafficking and increase opioid detection.

Around 67% of Americans accept sending illegal immigrants back to their nation of origin. President Joe Biden plans to increase illegal immigration, distribute individuals who have entered the USA illegally throughout the country, and reduce extraditions by approximately 90%. Immigration and Customs Enforcement only deported 55,590 unlawful workers in 2021 compared to nearly 93,000 under Trump in 2020.

Democrats believe that they can destroy this country faster than the American people can catch on. This November, we can prove them wrong.