Is Biden Fudging The Numbers On Americans Left Behind In Afghanistan?

One of the most concerning issues in managing the Afghan crisis by the Biden administration is that Biden’s deadline for withdrawal of troops has passed. However, a large number of American citizens are still rumored to be stuck in Taliban-led Afghanistan. But the exact number of American citizens who have not been able to evacuate Afghanistan to date is still unknown.

President Joe Biden’s administration proudly claims that they could evacuate many Afghan refugees and Americans in due time, with only about a couple of hundred American citizens currently based in Afghanistan. While addressing the public on Tuesday, 31st of August, Biden infamously said that a majority of the Americans who are now in Afghanistan are dual nationals who would much rather prefer to live in Afghanistan instead of the U.S. But it appears to us that Biden and his administration may be forging this number, as news reports from last week indicate that about 8,000 Americans were stuck in Afghanistan at that time, with rescue missions bringing back approximately 350 American nationals daily, it is impossible to have evacuated all American citizens in Afghanistan by the 31st of August. This number suggests that more than 5,000 American citizens should be present in Afghanistan, which is starkly different from the Biden administration’s numbers. These differences in statistics and Biden’s incompetence in managing the Afghanistan crisis make us question the authenticity of the numbers released by the administration.

In addition to this, President Joe Biden also claimed that the U.S. troops had conducted their largest evacuation mission over the past 17 days by rescuing more than 120,000 people from Afghanistan, including its Allies, Afghan refugees, and U.S. citizens. But the fact that government sources have not shared exact numbers of American citizens evacuated from Afghanistan and continue to present holistic estimates makes us question if the number of U.S. citizens rescued from Afghanistan is too low to be released to the public.

Although the Biden administration appears to be desperately trying to distract the public from the situation in Afghanistan, doing so might be extremely difficult as the people still suspect that a sizable number of Americans are stuck in Afghanistan. There is massive public concern about the safety of U.S. citizens stuck in Afghanistan. It will not go away unless the public is presented with affirmative numbers of Americans evacuated from Afghanistan by the Biden administration.