Is It Still A ‘Big Lie’ If Dems Accept It?

Continuing with the Washington Post poll, here’s another interesting tidbit that has gone strangely unnoticed. Question number seven: Whatever your political preferences for the 2020 election, do you believe Joe Biden was legitimately elected president, or do you think he was not legitimately elected president?

After a tumultuous election in the COVID era, 29 percent of Americans do not believe Biden was legitimately elected president. It isn’t good, and it’s not as bad as it once was.

Similarly, a poll conducted in January 2001 revealed that 42 percent of Americans did not believe George W. Bush was legitimately elected president. In October 2017, 42 percent of Americans said they didn’t think Trump had been legitimately elected president of the United States. According to a YouGov survey conducted in 2018, 67 percent of Democrats believed the Russians tampered with election results, despite the lack of proof to back up such a claim. For example, according to the Washington Post poll, only 14 percent of Americans believed that Barack Obama’s election was fraudulent by 2017, despite this figure being undoubtedly much higher during his presidency.

While challenging the legitimacy of the presidency has been practiced since at least Jefferson’s time, it takes extraordinary bravery for the hysterical people who succeeded in eroding trust in our elections by convincing tens of millions of voters to believe in a conspiracy theory to act as if today’s Republican reluctance to accept election results is an exceptionally unprecedented or dangerous moment for “democracy.”

Well, let’s not forget that recession is at an all-time high with Biden still waving the BBB Agenda around, which costs zero dollars. Guess the democrats themselves may even end up having doubts about the democracy they serve.