Is Joe Biden Trying to Help the Chinese Economy?

It looks like President Joe Biden’s “first” son was doing pretty well for himself, thanks to his father and the Chinese Communist Party — the Western Journal explains the details here: $1.5 billion worth of business agreements.

During the last week, President Biden dropped 65% tariffs on a variety of Chinese products in US markets.

In the post WW2 era, there was a fierce rivalry between Asian nations and America over production numbers. Many American companies realized that their production could be less costly in Asian countries. During that era, cheap labor was abundant, without labor unions to protect the workers and with no regulations in existence.

Those Americans who weren’t fired from their jobs yet had to compete with cheaper Asian products. As time passed, Taiwan and Japan also began to produce higher quality goods. towards a higher quality output.

China has a different approach in the international goods market. Compared to other major Asian countries, the Chinese administration has subsidized all the Chinese output in order to make sure that U.S. competitors have a tougher time competing.

It is unfortunately true that U.S. consumers are overly dependent on Chinese products today. Trump has shone light on this issue several times during his presidency, challenging the Chinese with high Tariffs that leveled the playing field.

America needs leaders who can fight for their nation and for its people. The United States has to beat China by manufacturing our own products. We have to start building again. And we need to start now.