Is The Biden Administration Trying To Murder Its Opponents?

The Biden administration’s suggestion that murdering its opponents by limiting life-saving monoclonal antibody therapies and withholding them from red states owing to a perceived grudge is not an exaggeration. Imagine doctors thinking, “Is he the same Joe Smith who called me a dirtbag at the country club last month and battled with me about our kids’ school’s mask mandate?”

The state of Florida, for example, had expected 72,000 treatments, but the Biden administration only provided 30,950. None of it matters that “half of the patients” seeking care in South Florida are completely vaccinated. Obama weighed the worth of an elderly woman’s life, and despite not knowing her, she was deemed unworthy of treatment that could be given to others.

Only seven states account for 70% of the orders to vaccinate against the delta form of meningitis, a disease that may be spread through contaminated food and water. According to the reporters, Jen Psaki said that Florida would not receive the therapies that Floridians require since the state requires the procedures in the first place.

When asked why the CDC has not yet increased supplies in preparation for potential Lyme disease outbreaks, Psaki says that there have been no reports of a lack of supply and believed that their role as the government in charge of the entire country is to be equitable in how we distribute treatments. In this discussion, Psaki cites the Marxist concept of government-administered equal distribution while also inverting Marxism’s promises.

The federal government stockpiles and delays life-saving monoclonals therapies from Floridians as apparent political retribution for disobedience. When Ukrainian farmers defied Stalin’s agricultural collectivization attempts in 1928, he accused them of having a bourgeois sense of nationality. Food that could have been sent to starving kulaks was instead distributed to city employees and sold overseas to fund Stalin’s industrialization initiatives. “Equity” becomes a virtue that supplants liberty, and governments constantly misuse their authority to control both the means of production and the distribution of wealth to punish political opponents.

Ruben Navarrette said, “Thank God Florida isn’t facing anything like the amount of misery experienced during the Holodomor. But it isn’t easy to conceive how much this would be different if they were. He claims that New Jersey, for example, did all the government-approved “science” advised to do and yet has a 30-percent higher death rate per capita than Florida. Navarrette also stated that killing Floridians by refusing them access to life-saving therapies would increase the death toll in the state.