It Is Becoming Legal To “Beat And Kill” Female Trump Supporters And Patriotic Conservatives

Remember, in the summer of madness in 2020. A man was shot and killed in Portland, Oregon. Donald Trump supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters fought in the streets, and one man was stalked and shot in broad daylight. No one was ever charged, let alone convicted, of this heinous murder. Instead, it was chalked up to political unrest.

A Capitol Hill Police Officer, Michael Byrd, shot and killed Ashli Babbit, an unarmed female Trump supporter. She was climbing through a blockaded entryway inside the Capitol on January 6. In this case, he was excused for shooting and killing Babbit and interviewed by Lester Holt on NBC.

Then, on January 6, a DC Metro police officer beat Rosanne Boyland, a woman exercising her constitutional right to petition and speak out, to death and after an investigation was exonerated. So much for objecting to police brutality and protecting women.

A female Trump supporter protesting apparent election malfeasance was attacked and killed during the riots by a cop, and nothing happened. A probe deemed it reasonable to slaughter unarmed protesters for the hell of it. Now, Trump supporters are fair game to become pinata for badges.

An Internal Affairs Bureau for DC Metro determined that beating an unconscious lady to death is “sensible.” What is this nation coming to? Police departments have abandoned their duty to serve and protect. Instead, they are the jackbooted thugs of an establishment that is putting the boot to the necks and the baton to the backs of Americans. We have crossed the line, and this country looks more like China every day.

Further, the video shows a woman getting walloped with a baton repeatedly. DC Metro Police Officer Lila Morris hit the lady with a wooden baton until it broke on her back and head. It is sick and disgusting, and one must wonder how officer Morris is sleeping these days.

Rosanne Boyland was declared dead approximately an hour and a half after her lifeless body was hauled away. Boyland was 34 years old. She went to the Stop the Steal rally in Washington DC 2021 with Justin Winchell from Kennesaw, GA. American citizens used to be able to visit the seat of government in this country and make their voices heard. Anyone who steps foot in the capital city can be considered a domestic terrorist. So much for killing democracy, right CNN and The Washington Post.

Boyland was near the West Terrace entrance when pinned to the ground. Protestors were escaping the use of gas to disperse the overzealous crowd. As the protesters rushed out, Boyland wound up on the ground, where Officer Morris was found and beaten to death. Other protestors got beat and pepper-sprayed as they attempted to help her.

Police claimed that they tried to resuscitate Boyland with CPR at 4:26 PM. She was outside and given CPR by Ronald McAbee and Jake Lang, who were at the event, not the police. This false statement went unevaluated, simply brushing lies under the rug. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation does not work to save someone when their brain is bashed in.

Official Morris was hailed a saint. She was commended for her conduct on January 6. She even was given tickets to the Superbowl as a reward and gift for killing a MAGA supporter. A Washington DC analyst stated that Boyland died because of Adderall. Her dad affirmed she had been taking it for around ten years but could not have been the cause of death. Blunt force trauma caused by Morris killed her. It is meant to shut you down and shut you up. The message is clear: do not object to your government, or you may be killed.