It’s A Matter Of Great Concern Whether Joe Biden Understands American Values

Joe Biden’s gaffes prompted him to seek methods to divert attention away from his administration’s numerous catastrophic failures. Because of these shortcomings, America is exposed to global turmoil. Biden wants to “soften us up” for economic “hard punches” in the next few days and months. Biden seeks to unite national pride amid actual economic misery and uncertainty by employing manipulation methods and talking points about “our values.”

The purpose of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was to emphasize America’s commitment to “liberty and justice for everyone.” In truth, he claims, government-mandated immunization policy and obligatory masks are contrary to “our beliefs” and are harmful rather than beneficial. The president’s remarks come in the face of mounting scientific evidence that such regulations are damaging and ineffectual.

Moreover, Joe Biden claims that the United States cherishes “liberty and justice for everyone,” while drug and trafficking plagiarism regulations contradict “our ideals.” What does Joe mean by such ideals and why are they still necessary by law? America’s quest for liberty extends to national sovereignty and border regulations, yet open and poorly protected borders create neither freedom nor justice for Americans or trafficked others.

Before becoming the world’s police, Americans want to see a solid commitment to preserving sovereignty and “democracy” at home. President Joe Biden appears to be purposefully oblivious to and unaware of this American principle, preferring to embrace irrationality and imprudence. Biden is more concerned with defending Ukraine’s sovereignty than protecting America’s boundaries.

Furthermore, Joe Biden’s “soft on crime” policies have transformed American streets and neighborhoods into dangerous battlegrounds. These measures illustrate that America does not stand for “liberty and justice for all.” If he is honest, he will prioritize urgent initiatives such as securing US national sovereignty (through borders) above safeguarding the borders of aligned allies in other territories.

Joe Biden would terminate the drug war with a “stroke of a pen” and reinstate all drilling permits, allowing America to regain energy independence. He would also immediately stop the rising cartel operations that deprive them of basic dignity through human/drug/weapon trafficking. And he would make sure that his fans and political party oppose and condemn the “no bail” and “defund police” initiatives. All of these policy changes would be consistent with “our beliefs.”

Therefore it doesn’t work to employ phony platitudes to ostensibly “soften the blow” of approaching economic disaster when there is no genuine, principled willingness to fight up for our true ideals. When the “values” aren’t ours, Americans collectively paying enormous (and reasonably avoidable) prices isn’t an appropriate response. Biden must reject his damaging policies to embrace true American ideals.