It’s Time For The United States To ‘Leave’ NATO And Europe To ‘Resolve’ Internal Conflicts

Since 1916, when the United States entered the First World War, Eurocentrism has dominated US foreign policy. Through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO, America has been the military defender of Western Europe for 73 years. Now is the moment to dissolve NATO and remind Europe’s countries, particularly Germany, that they are on their own.

After the Soviet Union fell apart in 1991, the US started breaking military ties with Europe. When the anti-democratic European Union of 27 European nations was formed in 1993, the divorce procedure should have been advanced. Since 1993, Europe has shown to be more than capable of self-defense. The European Union’s main achievement has been to clear the ground for Germany to reclaim its leading position in Europe.

Moreover, German economic strength has trapped poorer southern European countries in debt. Germany has shut down its nuclear power facilities, is retiring its coal plants, and is failing terribly at relying on renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Germans rely on imports since they don’t have their source, and those imports come from Russia.

Therefore, if the European Union remains, Germany and Russia will have complete control of the European continent, completing a centuries-old objective for both countries. The alliance is unbalanced in terms of money and the United States’ responsibility to intervene in practically all internal and external problems involving European nations.

Germany has turned its back on Ukraine, insisting on a slavishly pro-Russian policy. For years, Germany has significantly benefited from NATO’s defense and security. The United States should tell Germany and the rest of Europe: We’re done with NATO and getting dragged into conflicts. Find a solution.

The moment has arrived to concentrate on the domestic front and the global hegemony that Communist China seeks. This country lacks the riches and resources to defend Europe against itself, tackle many economic and societal problems, and challenge China. The withdrawal of the United States from NATO will compel Europe to address the European Union’s long-term sustainability and Russia’s goals.