James O’Keefe Banned From Equinox Gyms After Latest Video

In the latest of O’Keefe Media Group’s characteristic sting operations, O’Keefe recorded New York Judge Arthur Engoron making a woman uncomfortable in an Equinox Gym the judge frequents.

A second video was released on Thursday in which an employee called the reporter to inform him that he was banned from all Equinox gyms going forward.

Engoron is famously the judge in former President Donald Trump’s most recent criminal case, and recently made headlines by giving the former president a $354 million fine in the legal case opened in 2022, in which the prosecution claimed that Trump incorrectly reported the value of some of his assets.

The sting operation occurred after O’Keefe was told by an X user that the judge “makes it a point to go up to any young girl possible every single visit.”

“At first they might smile and say hello,” the source said, referring to the women, but “by the end of the conversation they always get creeped out … You always see the change in their face, you always see that they’re visibly upset.”

This pattern was confirmed by O’Keefe’s video, in which a young woman approached by Engron engages in polite conversation which becomes more agitated, ending in the woman holding up her hand in a “back off” motion, after which the judge retreats. The woman’s face was blurred for her privacy, but O’Keefe states that she looked “visibly upset” by the end of the interaction.

In another video, O’Keefe recorded a phone call in which he was banned from all Equinox gyms. He asked during the call what the reason was and received no response.

After being banned, O’Keefe asked, “Will the judge be house-canceled for his behavior towards women in your facility?”

The employee responded that “That’s not up to your discretion to tell me what other people think. If they have those concerns…”

You can watch the full phone call in which O’Keefe is banned from the gym here: