January 6th Rioter Gets Toughest Sentence For The Day – 5 Years

Several January 6th Capitol Hill rioters were sentenced Friday in District of Columbia court for crimes they were found guilty of committing that day. One of them, who attacked police officers that day, received the harshest sentence so far, more than five years imprisonment. He was the 56th defendant so far to be sentenced.

Robert Palmer, the 54-year-old male, Largo, Florida resident, reportedly showed remorse for his actions that day, crying as he told the judge he could not believe what he did that day after seeing video footage of his actions, saying through tears, “Your honor. I’m ashamed of what I did.”

Mr. Palmer might say that his lights were on, but he wasn’t home. His mind was not his own. On January 6th, he made his way to the police line, threw a wooden plank, discharged a fire extinguisher, threw the fire extinguisher, and started attacking officers with an American flag.

He will now be imprisoned for five years. The official charge is “one count of assaulting, resisting or impeding officers using a dangerous weapon,” according to the Law and Crime blog, not insurrection by the government or anything like that you can tell your BlueAnon friends, “The sentence matches what the government requested. It’s nearly two years longer than the 41 months that Jacob ‘QAnon Shaman’ Chansley and Scott Fairlamb received.”

In addition to taking the brunt of the law for his actions that day, Palmer hardly made himself a sympathetic figure by throwing Trump and MAGA country under the bus after doing all that for Trump and to MAGA. In his defense, he argued that he was deceived by Trump supporters spreading conspiracy theories, handwriting a letter to the judge saying:

“Individuals duped Trump supporters in positions of authority at the time. They kept repeating the false narrative about a rigged election and how it was our duty to oppose tyranny.”

Mr. Palmer may argue you prefer to believe you’re immune to it. Yes, it’s more accurate to say you can’t get enough. You’re aware that you’ll have to confront it.

Or he might say you see the signs, but you can’t read. You’re running at a different speed. Bro, did anybody in MAGA country tell you to hit a police officer with a wooden plank? Nobody told Palmer to do that. It was his idea. The honorable thing to do at least, after catching a prison term for doing something as wild as hitting police officers with an American flag to show he got his boy Trump’s back, would have been to take all the responsibility for what he did and say something nice about Trump and MAGA country.