Jen Psaki is Going to be Leaving the White House Soon

The Biden administration is being bogged down by a number of problems it created.

At the top of the list is the economy that’s quickly eating the middle class alive. That’s not to mention significant declines in public safety, a largely inoperable supply chain and a southern border overrun with illegal border crossings.

Despite the house of cards that is running America today, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has the job of trying to make the Biden administration look as good as possible. Psaki’s not above lying or misrepresenting information to make this happen, either.

Nevertheless, Psaki’s time as the White House press secretary looks like it will soon be ending. According to The Federalist, Psaki is preparing to make the transition over to MSNBC.

What to Know about Psaki’s Job Change

According to an Axios report, the White House press secretary has been in talks with MSNBC for weeks about a position with the company. This position would be very similar to her current job, involving show hosting and left-wing political commentary.

When the news about MSNBC’s negotiations with Psaki, the White House press secretary was naturally asked about it during her daily briefings. To this end, Psaki told reporters that she wasn’t able to give them any confirmation about her current or future career plans.

The press secretary then made sure to let reporters at the White House know that getting rid of her isn’t something that’s going to happen very easily.

The Ethical Dilemma

Despite planning to work for MSNBC within the next several weeks, Psaki is still currently employed by the White House.

This has caused some people to question how ethical it is for Psaki to be negotiating work terms with MSNBC while still employed by the Biden administration. This is a concern people have, given that Psaki’s current job as press secretary also involves her taking questions from media networks, including MSNBC.

Earlier in the week, Psaki was asked about whether or not she thinks this is ethical. However, the press secretary just repeated her previous claims of not being able to publicly confirm anything about her current or future career plans.

Despite Psaki’s lack of confirmation, the clear reality is that she’ll be soon leaving the White House. If Axios’ report about the talks with MSNBC was false, there’s no doubt the network would have come out and said so.

In the meantime, the White House may do well to start looking for a new press secretary pretty soon.