Jen Psaki Says ‘Probably The Worst Thing’ After Biden’s Afghanistan Presser

As the aftermath of suicide bombings that killed many and severely injured even more have concluded and more are probably on the way, Biden hangs his head during questioning at a press conference where he addressed the nation about the tragedy of lives lost based on his tactical decisions. He has no tactical experience. Biden wasn’t a veteran, he wasn’t a police officer, and he has no specified training about war tactics. Funny thing, the top military leaders seem to lack that training and experience as well.

Does Biden change the plan or tactics? No. Biden’s administration says they don’t trust the Taliban, but their actions tell a different story. They gave the Taliban a list of Americans and allies with Special Immigrant Visas to allow them safe passage to the Kabul, Afghanistan Airport. Now, the Taliban is going door to door, executing Afghans and Americans. Speaking of, the Taliban has biometric devices that give them access to databases of Afghans and Americans by retina scanning. The Taliban uses them to determine who worked with the United States in any capacity at checkpoints on the way to the Kabul, Afghanistan airport.

If Biden’s administration or the United States military didn’t trust the Taliban, these devices and documents wouldn’t have been handed over to the Taliban.

Every time Biden takes questions from reporters, he always has a list of reporters to call on. He’s not transparent with the American people by refusing questions that he’s not comfortable or capable of taking.

Then, Press Secretary Jen Psaki takes the podium and diverts answers and ignores questions. When Psaki responds to questions, it’s easy to see how she and the administration feels about Biden’s presidency thus far. Psaki said:

“And as I noted a few minutes ago, any day where you lose service members is, maybe, the worst day of your presidency, and hopefully there’s not more. But we are certainly early in the presidency at this point.”

That doesn’t solidify public confidence in Biden or anyone who advises him. It pushes back on Biden’s ability not to screw things up even more.

For anyone that says “Trump was going to withdraw from Afghanistan, too,” it’s important to remind them that former President Donald Trump would have never left in this way. Trump didn’t take any lip and had action behind the things he said. Trump’s word held much more weight than Biden ever has. Like him or not, he stood behind his decisions, and if something wasn’t working, he changed tactics. No new war erupted in the Trump administration because the world knew he didn’t take s*** from anybody.

Biden’s backup plan doesn’t exist. Biden wants to please everyone at once, and it’s backfired. The problem with his thinking is that he’s abandoning the American people while pandering to terrorist organizations. That’s why Americans are upset.