Jen Psaki Should Be Ashamed Of Herself

The Biden administration is simultaneously laughable and infuriating. The ridiculousness of this administration and the lies they weave to avoid accountability is absurd. However, the consequences of a White House and a president that remain utterly inept are downright infuriating.

When Biden was running to get elected president, one of his key promises was “defeat” coronavirus. Yet, more Americans have died this year than they did under the Trump administration on this president’s watch. Likewise, a new strain, Omicron, which didn’t exist under Trump, has now materialized under Biden.

This week, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Jen Psaki why Biden hasn’t made good on his vow to shut down COVID. As PJ Media reports, Psaki’s ridiculous response spoke volumes about the Biden administration’s utter lack of integrity.

When confronted with the reality that her boss has failed to defeat COVID, Psaki immediately pivots, stating that this is the fault of the American people. According to the White House press secretary, Biden’s failure to make good on his promise is because of at least 20% of Americans who haven’t taken COVID vaccines or booster shots.

This narrative fails to hold water, though. In Vermont, the state has the highest level of vaccinations across the country. Yet, this hasn’t stopped them from battling new COVID cases.

However, no one should be surprised. After all, this is entirely on-brand for Psaki. She will lie as often and as blatantly as required to paint the Biden administration in a good lie. When the White House press secretary is confronted for her lies and inconsistencies, she changes the subject to avoid accountability.

Here’s the truth, though: the COVID vaccines do not work as advertised. Health officials and the Biden administration continue moving the goalpost on precisely what these vaccinations do and when Americans can expect a return to normal.

There’s another major problem with Psaki blaming unvaccinated Americans for why Biden hasn’t defeated coronavirus as he promised to do.

He expressly vowed to “shut down” COVID entirely when Biden was running. Therefore, it shouldn’t matter what unvaccinated people are doing. During the 2020 presidential election, Biden repeatedly stated that he had a plan to get the United States back to normal.

Thus far, all Americans have seen from this president are unconstitutional COVID vaccine mandates that multiple courts have stopped. Biden does not plan to defeat COVID, contrary to what he said in 2020.

Biden has a press secretary who will lie as much as necessary to make him look good.