Jen Psaki’s Statement On Death Of Agent Shirks All Responsibility

The mainstream media is always quick to publish stories that put authorities trying to enforce the southern border in the most negative light possible. There seems to be no limit to which the Biden administration will go to protect the messaging on the border.

A Texas National Guard member agent recently drowned trying to save two illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. Instead of hailing the man as a hero, this is how Jen Psaki responded to a question about the White House’s view on the matter:

That is cold. Even for Psaki. There is no level the administration will not stoop to not take responsibility for an open border. Every action by Biden and his people has made it easier for people to come here. From repealing Title 42 to giving migrants free phones, it is obvious that the administration does not care about enforcement.

The only real action Biden has taken on the border has been to appoint Vice President Kamala Harris to handle the disaster. Harris failed miserably at the task and the number of illegal immigrant contacts is easily going to top 2 million people this year. This is only the people that we know about, and does not take into account the drugs (especially fentanyl) crossing the border, the surge in human trafficking, and the crimes committed against the citizens of the United States.

Biden doesn’t take action to stem the tide because it is part of the plan. Time will tell if that plan rewards Democrats.