Jesse Watters Presented A List Of Issues, And Biden Is Doing Nothing About Them

Jesse Watters presented a list of issues persistent under Joe’s leadership during his show “Watters World.” He started with the newly discovered Omicron variant of the COVID-19 and how fast it spread throughout the World and will soon be hitting the USA like an irresistible storm. He commented that it’s not the variant that he’s worried about. Still, the government will overreact by imposing new mandates only for the vaccinated. The illegals crossing the border will continue to enter the country without getting tested or quarantined. They will just be bussed off to the American towns and cities while the Administration continues to shut every town in the USA except for the Southern Border.

Another critical issue he highlighted was the bail reform and how Joe Biden is not giving a damn about it. The Waukesha Christmas parade attack led to six people’s death as Darrell Brooks Jr. plowed his car into the crowd on purpose. Joe Biden, who wouldn’t shut up about Rittenhouse last year, is now dead silent at the Waukesha massacre. Police officers are being shot at and killed the most throughout this year. Murder rates are increasing in almost every major city. On top of it, Americans are loading up on guns the most now since the Democrats cannot promise security. They are taking measures to protect themselves.

Not only is America facing an all-time high crime rate, but it is also becoming one of the most expensive countries. Rising inflation followed by gas prices is no less of a crisis, and the Administration is quite evidently unable to get us out of this vicious cycle.