Jesse Watters: President Biden Is Running A “Human Smuggling” Operation

Joe Biden is conducting a people-smuggling enterprise, according to Jesse Watters. According to him, the cartels pass migrants over to Biden at the border, putting them on buses and flights and scattering them around the nation. He went on to say, “It’s occurring right in front of our eyes.”

According to Watters, illegal immigrants come in and assist major businesses in keeping wages down. They got what they paid for, he supposed. Migrants bring cash with them so that you may avoid paying taxes as well. The money is then wired back to the south, where it is used to pay cartel coyotes, and another caravan is formed. “Isn’t this foreign meddling in the elections?” people might wonder.

According to News, Mexican drug cartel operations are padding the bank coffers of Mexico’s most violent syndicates. He claims that these operations also help the Chinese because they send manufactured chemicals to Mexican ports. Moreover, according to the reports, Chinese brokers use China’s banking system to launder Mexican drug money.

It is claimed that while Americans suffer, contributors benefit and ask, “Why are they allowing this to happen?” Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) of the United States asks, “Why is Biden betraying them?”

According to News Anchor Jesse Watters, since President Joe Biden began office, the White House has overlooked millions of migrants trying to enter the country. “This was on purpose,” he explained, adding that Biden had “invited” immigration throughout his campaign. He claimed that about 2 million migrants had been identified entering the United States since Biden became President. “He just dismantled Trump’s border policy out of ego, vanity, and fear,” he claims.

Jesse Watters is correct, but there’s a lot more. Biden is sneaking enemy forces into the United States, where they will be summoned at a set date. Remember the armed army personnel suddenly patrolling the swiftly shuttered and repurposed Walmart stores.