Jill Biden Now Has COVID-19

Months ago, Joe Biden stood before the world and told Americans if they had COVID-19 vaccines, they’d be protected from the virus. Yet, this has been proven inaccurate, time and time again.

Past and present members of Biden’s administration, along with other officials, have come down with this virus, despite being double vaccinated and double boosted. This also applies to the current president himself.

In spite of the COVID-19 vaccine’s inability to stop the spread of this virus, many folks on the left have been supportive of vaccine mandates that cost people their jobs if they refuse.

Now, first lady Jill Biden is the latest public official to come down with COVID-19, even after having all her vaccines and booster shots.

What to Know About the First Lady’s Latest Bout With COVID-19
On Tuesday morning, Biden’s communications director revealed that she took a COVID-19 test after she began having symptoms of a cold on Monday.

The rapid antigen test that the first lady took billed her as COVID-19-negative. Yet, after taking a PCR test, it was revealed that Biden does have the virus.

Due to the first lady’s newfound sickness, she’ll be spending five days in quarantine and also taking Paxlovid to help her fight off COVID-19. Biden’s communication director likewise revealed that people who’ve been close to her are now aware of her infection with COVID-19.

The first lady is expected to head back to the White House after she takes two COVID-19 tests that each come back negative.

Reactions From the Public
The role the Biden administration played in trying to force COVID-19 vaccines on the nation was a factor in public responses to the first lady’s diagnosis. Only in January did the Supreme Court strike down the White House’s attempt to have virtually every single US worker force vaccinated.

Critics noted that if the first lady wasn’t protected from COVID-19 despite getting so many vaccines and booster shots, then questioning their efficacy is more than warranted.

Others suggested that no one should be mandated to take a shot that even health officials now admit has no bearing on someone catching the virus or passing it along.

Like the first lady, Joe Biden himself has also repeatedly come down with COVID-19. He’s taken Paxlovid and has experienced virus symptoms after receiving multiple vaccines and boosters.