Joe Biden Appears To Be Giving Up On COVID Altogether

During last year’s White House race, Joe Biden repeatedly gave President Trump a hard time about COVID. Biden declared that the number of lives lost to the virus should disqualify Trump from being president of the United States.

Additionally, Biden continued about how he would be a president to stop COVID, shut down the virus, and get everything back to normal as it was. As a presidential candidate, Biden continuously claimed he had a plan to end COVID and that electing him would bring this plan to fruition.

The 46th president’s grand plan hasn’t panned out so well. He has not defeated the virus. America has seen two new COVID variants develop, along with fresh surges, despite vaccinations under Biden’s presidency.

As Biden proves to be an utter flop on the matter of COVID, he also appears to be distancing himself from the matter altogether, as reported by Twitchy.

Biden’s grand plan to stop COVID involved ramming through illegal federal mandates and hoping that the public would grin and bear it. It did not happen, though.

The 46th president has been repeatedly taken to court over his vaccine mandates. The United States Supreme Court has already agreed to hear challenges to the COVID vaccine mandates Biden wants to force on people nationwide.

Whatever Biden thought he would do to end coronavirus hasn’t panned out. Therefore, just earlier this week, the president declared there isn’t a federal fix to getting COVID under control. Instead, Biden announced that handling this virus is something that will ultimately have to be taken care of at a “state level.”

The 46th president made this admission during a video conference call with governors across the United States. It angered much of Biden’s base on social media. Subsequently, on Monday night, “#NoPlanJoe” and “#NoPlanBiden” trended on Twitter.

With Biden now standing at a 36% approval rating and with multiple Democrats in the House of Representatives announcing their decisions not to run for re-election, it’s starting to dawn on leftists that they’re going to lose the midterms seriously.

Biden, who admitted that vaccine mandates are not widespread earlier this month, now appears like he’s trying to do damage control to save his party from losing both congressional majorities.

However, his base is not happy, and neither are Americans who have been against Biden from the very start. Biden’s choice to throw COVID over to the states is nothing more than a political tactic.

In 2022, Democrats must be defeated up and down the ballots.