Joe Biden ‘Challenges’ Vladimir Putin To A ‘Duel Of Wits’

The sad fact is that we have an inept and incapable sock puppet Joe Biden making decisions that could have disastrous consequences for America. The only question is who makes Biden yap and move, the Democrats, neocons, or Russians. It is what facing Russia without a plan looks like, a massive amount of twisting around and flailing about.

Putin is yanking Biden around. When President Donald Trump was President, the liberal media lied about Vladimir Putin in a Russian disinformation campaign Hillary Clinton and the Democrat propaganda machine paid for. When Joe Biden became an anti-President, he vowed to confront the Kremlin, but instead, he rolled over and covered up his complicity in precipitating this conflict. He allowed and encouraged Putin to take Crimea during the Obama Administration, and this is looking like a sequel with even more enormous stakes.

Biden now said he would move troops to Eastern Europe. His remarks come on the heel of the Pentagon, reporting that around 8,500 soldiers can be deployed as part of unilateral action and therefore without the support of NATO and the UN.

Joe Biden recently spoke at a steel factory transformed into a mechanical technology research office by Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He promoted his infrastructure plan led by Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg minutes after ten individuals were harmed when a significant bridge imploded. Sad irony abounds when Democrats speak.

Soon after returning to Joint Base Andrews, he moved soldiers to Eastern Europe. He said that it is meant to take place in the near term.

Russia holds powers along the boundary. They have been stationed for a potential attack into Ukraine for months and developed various tactical advantages.

Earlier in the week, Biden made comments at the White House where he revealed that he might be moving a portion of those troops into Europe soon. If anyone paid attention to Joe Biden’s career as a politician for over 40 years, this type of idiotic gaffe-prone negotiation and blunders would be expected.

Circle Back Jen Psaki and the White House did not have additional background info. His comments were requested. NATO is debating a potential commitment of some portion of its 40,000 troops to discourage a Russian attack. Do not hold your breath.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin talked to France and Germany and called Poland and Romania. It may end up being a vast NATO this for Austin, who cannot seem to use his personal or business connections to call in any favors. It is the extent of American diplomacy in the Biden Era.

Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley, told journalists at the Pentagon that the soldiers have been approved if we need to build up or help our NATO partners. War is not the only option. The only thing that the white supremacy investigator Milley did not add was that we should all give peace a chance.

Russia has more than 100,000 soldiers near Ukraine and Belarus. Putin claims these are just there for innocent military activities, but even SNL knows that he plans to annex a significant portion of Ukraine. Milley said this is bigger in scale and scope than anything we have seen in the area.

Biden just promised to sanction Russia. Now he is bringing the globe to the brink of a worldwide war. Nobody will confront Putin. Biden’s incompetency and the folly of the Democrat party are placing America and the world on the edge of a major catastrophe.