Joe Biden Claims To Be A ‘Capitalist Pig’ To Pick A Fight With AOC And Win PR Points

Biden says he’s not going to steal from anybody since he’s an entrepreneur who has built an innovative family business. His corporate structure benefits from his consulting prowess.

President Biden spoke last week in Cleveland, OH, about COVID-19. And of course, he had some remarks about the economy, one of his areas of expertise. But it was his reflections on his own experience and philosophical persuasion that drew the most interest.

Biden had the most pointed and direct analysis of Republican policies, commenting on the wealthy, like Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, who aren’t paying a reasonable amount of taxes. Then, he was reminded that Zuck and Bez are Dems.

Biden’s capitalist friends in Congress, such as Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, control the budgetary and legislative process, reflecting the values of their capitalist idol Hillary Clinton.

Biden wants his wealthy friends to realize that just because he’s an entrepreneur does not mean he will support their ability to dodge taxes. Here is the deal folks, he still wants to raise taxes, but he will do it in a way that looks like he’s going to punish those greedy rich people, but he will stick it to you.

People think that Democrats like Biden lounge around milking and bilking the government, but according to our new President, they are the engine of growth. He pointed out that CEOs get compensated 35-36 times the average worker, but they make 370 times more than the average human being. He seems to think that this nation is getting wrecked because of the level of compensation of some of the Democratic Party’s top donors.

Remember, Joe Lieberman, a friend of John McCain and crosser of the aisle? He’d like to put together a bipartisan budget that would help US citizens. He thinks that Senate conservatives can make a counteroffer to Biden’s plan that will only tank our economy 95%.

Even though President Biden reminded Americans of his entrepreneurial and capitalist leanings, he accepts that CEOs make too much money. After hedge funds gobble up all the money, there is very little left for the scrubs and peons.

Remember when everyone was a qualified investor with a net worth of over $1 million. Those were the good old days. Joe Biden remembers way back when every employee in this country invested in their own company. Employees drew out of their trust funds to build a business that could raise series A investments. We all benefit by sharing dividends and retained earnings from profitable growth, revenue expansion, and capital appreciation.

Joe pointed out that productivity and wages grew from World War II in 1948 until 1979. But since 1980, when Ronald Reagan became President, people could not make enough money, even though Reagan’s policies put this nation back on track after Jimmy Carter and his national malaise and gas lines.

Biden has proposed that by expanding the social safety net and increasing government spending, unemployment benefits can continue and business will take off. He wants you to know that his new $6 trillion budget is almost like a $40,000 raise per household, except the government gets to keep it and spend it on projects for Joe’s friends instead of you, which is a perfect deal for you if you think about it.

Joe Biden tried to separate himself from The Squad. As a capitalist who is sometimes confused for a moderate communist, he is opposed to the radical revolutionary wing of his party. He pointed out that those on the extreme left don’t care for him since he doesn’t accept communism completely. Biden only thinks that acting like a dictator is fun some of the time.

Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) seems to think you can convince Joe to do anything you want, like making him run for President as a sock puppet for Obama holdovers. She tried to increase pressure on Biden to accept the communist plan.

AOC wants to include student loan forgiveness in the spending plan so that average Americans can keep more money. But Joe Biden’s business sense got the better of him. To a keen capitalist, bailing out millionaires and billionaires makes more sense than helping struggling college students. AOC wanted to push him, but she didn’t say where. She seems to think that removing $50,000 in student loan debt like communists Senator Warren and Schumer have suggested is a good idea.

In addition, Biden must know something about running fast-food restaurants because he thinks that making the $15 minimum wage law would improve quality and employee retention. A decent minimum wage job is part of the career path to get a board seat on a Ukrainian energy company like his son Hunter. Joe also shared his interest in his son Hunter’s growing artistic business. Hunter leveraged his skill and passion for selling $500,000 paintings. Joe believes that his help in this business goes beyond the regular patronage because he is also a lover of visual art.

So, not only is he a capitalist but a philanthropist as well.