Joe Biden Continues To Pretend That Being President Is A Big Joke

Joe Biden routinely makes idiotic comments. During a bumbling Capitol Hill visit, he attempted to explain the extreme left’s version of compromise. He is fixated on January 6th even as more evidence comes to light or the lack thereof becomes apparent. 

The anti-president Joe Biden set out to help the spending bill work its way through Congress. But he did the inverse. That should have been a normal political process, but things tend to get interesting with Biden’s reduced capacity. His maladministration does not demand his dementia-riddled brain to function. And Joe has consistently been a legendary gaffe machine. 

Joe Biden has his great days and awful days, like any nearly octogenarian chief executive. He was sufficiently aware enough to show up and attempt to clear up any confusion about the budget. But he didn’t persuade Democrat Senators Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) or Joe Manchin (WV) to sell out their constituents. 

In his private discussions with lawmakers, Biden recommended that if Democrats lose, it would be a significant win for Republicans. It is the extent of his wisdom and zero-sum thinking. He wants to enable his party to become a threat to the electoral system itself. Biden thinks that voter reports and federalizing elections are necessary due to the January 6th insurrection, which Tucker Carlson’s upcoming documentary exposes as preplanned and encouraged by the FBI. 

Ashli Babbitt was the most direct victim of the riotous events that day. An officer in the building intentionally killed her. There remain genuine inquiries regarding what happened. The FBI should be forced to release surveillance footage, and the narratives will likely crumble. 

Biden is a mess in many respects. But if Democrats cannot pass the two bills that are still lingering in the hall of Congress, it would without a doubt be a gift to Republicans. 

Conservatives are more than content to allow Democrats to obliterate themselves. But Biden could not simply leave well enough alone. He decided to conjure January 6th fears because the left in this nation is animated by Anti-Trump madness. 

Biden said that he needs Sinema and Manchin or savagery and blood in the streets. Biden is losing his popularity based on a situation that is crumbling. The supply chain crisis is a mess. The employment decline is indicative of a major contraction, inflation is rising, but Joe thinks that adding trillions in debt and spending will not tank the economy. 

It is how our soft American-style dictator works on the most fundamental level. Joe is a front man for a Democrat plan utilizing lies and subtle provocations to get everything they want. What he wants is another night at home, watching movies and eating popcorn. 

Eventually, the Democrat Party will kick him to the curb. Eventually, the White House will likely be occupied no longer by a baffled 50-year-old plagiarizer, and Kamala Harris will take over. 

Individuals who are experiencing the runaway expansion of the federal government should be concerned. January 6th is not the pressing issue Biden seems to think that it is. Americans are more concerned about their retirement, the border, our struggling military, our failing public schools, and election integrity, to name a few items on the list.