Joe Biden Continues To Struggle With Sinking Public Opinion

Within the past month, various mainstream media outlets have been suggesting Joe Biden is bouncing back after more than one year of negative approval ratings. Just days ago, the Financial Times claimed the president is heading towards a feasible “political rebound.”

This comes as growing numbers of Biden’s own party members don’t want him to run for reelection. Even in California, the state’s residents would rather have their governor as the 2024 Democratic nominee than Biden.

Recent polling of the president’s job performance very quickly shows he’s not doing well by any reasonable metrics.

An Up-to-Date Review of Biden’s Job Performance
This past weekend, NBC News polled Americans on how the president is doing in office. Suffice it to say, the numbers are quite poor.

Thus far, 55% of Americans do not approve of Biden. Only 42% told NBC News the opposite. Additional findings from this poll reveal that 47% of people want Republicans to win the midterm elections. Only 45% said the midterms should result in Democratic victories.

Meanwhile, 74% of Americans agree the country is on the wrong track, with only 22% stating otherwise.

A different poll by Gallup also provided some insight into how Americans are doing with Biden in office. Roughly 14 million people are suffering under the current administration.

At the same time, the number of Americans who document themselves as “thriving” is lower than it’s been over the span of 18 months.

The White House continues to reiterate that it understands what Americans are feeling and where they’re coming from. Yet, much of the country is still waiting for the White House to make actionable moves that prove a genuine understanding.

Bad Optics For Biden
As the president remains underwater in the polls, he’s taking one vacation after the next. Coincidentally, everyday Americans are finding it harder to afford vacations, owing to inflation and growing reports of job layoffs.

Thus far, Biden’s racked up more vacation days than previous presidents before him. Critics warn that considering all the issues facing the nation right now, it’s not a good look for Biden to be repeatedly out of office and on the beach.

Political operatives, including left-wing ones, cautioned that the president’s low approval ratings can ultimately work against his party in the midterms.