Joe Biden Illustrates His Buffoonery With Comments On Virginia Political Race

Our nation is up for grabs. Thankfully on Tuesday, November 2, 2021, parents in Virginia elected Glenn Youngkin and rejected Terry McAwful and Democrat anti-family policies. Across the country, voters finally stood up to liberalism. We all hope that it is not too late. And we will continue to fight and press forward with a pro-family American first agenda. 

Republicans gained 50 state house seats in Virginia, Jason Miyares as the Attorney General and Winsome Sears as Lieutenant Governor. Republican Francis Suarez will remain mayor of Miami after being elected for his second term. Texas elected more Republicans, strengthening the bulwark of conservatism. Across the nation, Republicans gained ground.

But grandpa Joe Biden and White House press secretary Jen Circle Back to COVID-19 Psaki were not available for comment. Yet, for some reason, the anti-president Biden amazed everybody by responding to questions.

Uncle Joe’s answers about the Virginia political race and his approach to his disastrous policies were about par for the course. Biden started hacking and coughing wildly during his unsteady exhibition, asserting that he gulped his drink wrongly. 

Biden is the first president to present a feeble image to the world actively. We’ve had injured men in office in the past. However, today, with the always-on media and demands on his physical presence, the Biden-Harris maladministration cannot sugar coat his weaknesses. Beyond that, his state of mind is questionable at best, and his reply to the outright shellacking the leftists took in Virginia was telling. 

The turnout was amazingly high. COVID-19 panic did not keep voters home. 

Biden discussed the cost of gas and stress over schools as the main issues that impacted the race. He is right. But in a typical Democrat fashion, Biden intentionally missed the lesson to learn. Instead, he said that problems would be solved if liberals passed his Breaking Bad Better plan and spent more money, ending in Democrat pockets. 

Misfortunes that have befallen leftists are not by chance or simply because we have not given them enough money. The anti-president Biden causes our economic contraction and inflation to rise. And Biden’s top concerns will not fix these problems. 

Americans would be better off if Joe stayed in his basement next to the bathroom and never came out. However, it is unlikely that he remains self-aware enough to realize that his incompetence is caused by allowing vile Communists to run him like the dupe he is. It is elder abuse. 

Joe mind-numbingly thinks that liberals need to message better. If they could package this pile of waste better, then everything would be fine. Terry McAwful was a lousy candidate, and the media pundits did not do enough to cover for them. 

The dilemma caused by the Biden-Harris maladministration is affecting everyday Americans. We see precisely what Biden and his gang are doing. They don’t care and will not stop. 

Outcomes like Virginia are our efforts to stop the bleeding. Biden will never concede that he needs direction and instead quadruple down on his failures and crank plans. 

Removing him is unlikely. And impeachment would not benefit this country because Kamala Harris is the liberal backup plan. 

If Republicans can build an organized resistance, taking back the Congress, we can sideline most of the Democrat plan over the next three years. These elections show the country that we can build a MAGA plan as we advance with leaders like Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears, thanks to Donald Trump’s leadership. But the United States citizens get to suffer in the meantime.