Joe Biden Exposes Himself On National TV

Biden’s town hall with CNN in Baltimore with an amazingly friendly audience and only a particular question was chosen to ask the President with Anderson Cooper as a host to hold Biden’s hand. Yet, he could not control his weirdness and displayed signs of dementia and sheer heartlessness. No wonder his approval ratings are down to 27%. 

Video clips from the interview surprised many people as the President exhibited strange body language as if he was in agony and did not want to be there. He struggled to remember things that should be on the tip of his tongue. Biden struggled to remember the full name in one of the clips and could not post a simple ‘Long Beach.’ Cooper reminded him of that when he mentioned supply chain disruptions along the California coast. He got so frustrated that he let out loudly, ‘what am I doing here?’. At this point, even Cooper couldn’t seem to help. 

Another situation was when Biden mentioned that the incomes of the Americans were going up only under him. At the same time, we all know that inflation has destroyed the middle class, and prices have risen to unprecedented levels. While asked about the high gas prices, he could only reply with ‘I don’t have a near-term answer,’ but we don’t think he’ll ever have the answer since he is the reason the oil and gas prices have gone up. In just the first month of his presidency, Biden canceled the keystone pipeline canceling thousands of jobs and gas for the Americans to keep their houses warm this winter.

That isn’t all. We all know the disaster of Biden’s immigration policy on the southern border, but he revealed that he has not been to the border since he took office during the interview. Fact-checkers revealed that he hadn’t been down there in his last 50 years as a politician. It’s no wonder the chants of ‘F Joe Biden’ are on the rise, as the President has no interest in solving citizens’ problems.