Joe Biden Has “Degraded” Our Nation With His “Rude And Sad” Performance As President

Once again, America’s Walmart greeter-in-chief, the retiree cum President Joe Biden, was wheeled out to ramble at CEO Meeting to riff on economics and rip on business leaders. It is what our national leader has become, a chastising old fool.

Joe Biden gathered with executives in a meeting made available to the press. Most of his days are filled with odd photo ops, browsing town to shop, getting frozen yogurt, and ending the day at 3:06 to head home. Rather than dealing with various emergencies, our anti-President is a cardboard cutout of a friendly neighborhood bumpkin.

Thankfully the Joe Biden gaffe machine keeps cranking out the hits. Being available to the press means that this event was known to individuals seeing Biden at his worst, in disarray, and prone to errors.

Biden appeared to have created a wide range of disarray. In this meeting, he commented:

He met the CEOs of major US organizations. He rapped with Mary Barra, CEO of GM, and Jim Farley, Ford CEO. He promoted his Breaking Bad Better bill as if it still has a chance to be resurrected. He tried to convince them that with inflation skyrocketing, even if people lose their jobs, they will be forced to pay more for new cars. Of course, the bill was killed by Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), and there is only a slim chance that anything like it will see the light of day God. CEOs can not help Joe Biden, and Republicans are chomping at the bit to claim the Congress and hopefully shut this stuff down.

Biden talked about economic expansion and inflation. He appeared to describe another planet or another universe, having no essential comprehension of how the economy works. Of course, no one in the room corrected him.

Biden said that one reason for inflation being so high was the cost of vehicles. Inflation goes up due to spending. The more money floating around chasing fewer goods drives up the price. Joe thinks that car prices cause 33% of inflation.

Biden talked about going to a Dearborn GM electric vehicle plant. He meandered aimlessly for coherent thought and mentioned seeing some Hummers build on a Lincoln Navigator chassis. Then, Biden, accepting that his retirement job of pretending to be president may end in the imminent future, asked for a job. He won’t be in the White House much longer, so he told the GM CEO, “I’m looking for a job, Mary.”

It is sad. A guest expressed gratitude toward Biden for the meeting. Biden smiled, cut off this CEO in annoyance, and yelled out some nonsense about moving it along. He is abnormal, lost, and impolite. The guest appeared to be puzzled. Joe Biden must have reached his limit when he said that climate change was the biggest existential emergency within recent memory.

It is a disaster every time he gets in front of a camera. It must be worse behind the scenes. We have the Democrat Party to thank for pushing a corrupt and incompetent degenerate on this nation. What will they come up with next?