Joe Biden Is A ‘Threat’ To The Constitution

Joe Biden is the same president he was as a candidate, vice president, and senator before that. He’s a liar. Joe Biden isn’t the average Joe is neither a political moderate nor a supporter of the American political system. He’s a chameleon whose only allegiances are to himself, his party, and wherever the most vital voices on the American left are at the time. 

President Joe Biden was formerly an ardent supporter of the filibuster. Now he’s alright with demolishing what he’s deceptively dubbed a “relic of Jim Crow.” Joe Biden has recruited the attorney general’s help in an unlawful attempt to silence American parents concerned about their children being conscripted into Ibram X. Kendi’s army. Biden used to argue that he favored free speech and opposed “silencing” even when it grew boisterous.

Joe Biden unilaterally extended the federal eviction moratorium in August. According to the reports, he revealed that he was doing so to take advantage of the legal system. Furthermore, Biden has done the same thing recently with his government vaccination requirement. Both the White House press secretary and the head of the CDC told reporters in July that no federal rule would be implemented.

According to some reports, Joe Biden is the temporary occupant of the White House. Although many media suggest, he is bound to maintain his oath of office, like almost everyone else in public life. If he cannot do so, he must “get out of the way,” not the American order.

For the past 65 years of fighting for the constitutional form of government as it is, not as politicians who think they know better would like it to be. People have fought for a robust federal system in which states are the fundamental building elements of the country, not just federal agencies. People can keep taking a stance with the support of the media.