Joe Biden is Laughing as Americans Struggle to Survive

The struggle of the everyday American is not a joke.

When Joe Biden became president, he said he’d make everything better for everyone. Biden has not kept this promise. Instead, as president, he’s made gas prices more expensive, interest rates higher, and the cost of living more out of reach.

Polls continue to show that strong majorities of Americans are very worried about inflation and what it means for their financial futures. The White House remains incapable of taking responsibility for the mess it’s made of the economy, let alone putting forward real solutions.

What the president has managed to do, though, is laugh at Americans as they try to make it through each month without going under.

Biden’s absolute lack of regard for the everyday person was demonstrated by his behavior at the White House Correspondents Dinner, per PJ Media.

Biden Laughs as America Burns

During the White House Correspondents Dinner, TV host Trevor Noah joked that as Biden’s been in office, everything has managed to go up, including the costs of gas, food, and rent.

The president apparently thought this was hilarious, as he was seen laughing and clapping his hands. Biden’s laughter comes along with a pattern of lying about who’s responsible for inflation and trying to gaslight Americans into not believing what they’re seeing.

As Biden laughs, many families are wondering how they’re going to be able to keep up with the rising costs of rent. It’s a well-known fact that across the nation, both rent and mortgages are skyrocketing.

As inflation strikes, no one is immune. Therefore, people who are in the position to increase prices are doing so to avoid going under themselves. Biden’s inflation crisis has created a situation where the people who are most vulnerable are getting the shortest end of the stick.

The Last Laugh

Biden may have laughed at the White House Correspondents Dinner. However, when his party is voted out of office in the House and the Senate, he won’t be laughing.

Americans can ultimately get the last laugh by making sure Biden finishes his term without a House or Senate that’s controlled by the Democrat Party.

The president and other Democrats have already made their fear of GOP wins in November quite clear. They claim that Republicans taking back Congress will be a “danger to democracy.”

The only danger these wins will pose is a danger to the radical Biden agenda and the work to completely ruin the United States.