Joe Biden is Not Done Fortifying US Elections

Last year, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party worked day and night to “fortify” U.S. elections. They did this by trying to get the For the People Act passed through Congress; although, thankfully, the attempt failed.

In the effort to fortify American elections, the left claimed without merit that “voting rights” are under attack in this country. Democrats falsely accused Republican-run states of passing legislation that makes it harder for minorities to vote.

In truth, voting bills passed in GOP-led states were designed to make legal voting easier, and election cheating harder.

Much to the annoyance of Democrats, the For the People Act failed, facing opposition from both Republican lawmakers and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

However, the downfall of the For the People Act hasn’t stopped Biden from trying to “completely secure” American elections. This time, he’s attempting to fortify these races with elections offices, according to The Federalist.

A Deep Dive into Biden’s Masterplan

In 2021, Biden issued an executive order for U.S. federal agencies to team up with left-wing partisan organizations to increase voter turnout in areas that are primarily full of Democrat voters.

As many people may be aware, the role of the federal government has never been voter registration initiatives; it certainly hasn’t been working with partisan groups to boost just one party’s turnout.

Some of the U.S. federal agencies impacted by Biden’s executive order include the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Education. Of course, the president is trying to hide the true intention of this executive order by framing it as a measure for “civic engagement.”

At the end of the day, a simple review of Biden’s executive order very clearly shows the underlying intentions. This appears to be the failsafe plan put in place by the president, in the event that the For the People Act failed.

The Ugly Truth About Election Fortification

The only party that feels like it needs to fortify elections is a party that thinks it cannot win on merit.

With each passing day, this appears to be the position the Democratic party is in. One poll after the next shows rising disapproval of not just the president, but also of how he’s handling foreign policy, the economy, public safety and education.

The midterm elections are seven months away. Each and every American must be vigilant between now and then because there’s no telling what other tricks Biden may try to pull.