Joe Biden Is Not Helping You With Your Gas Prices

Today, Americans pay through the nose for gasoline. The Biden-Harris administration shut down the Keystone Pipeline. However, oil is being transported through Line 3, a replacement pipeline from the Alberta tar sands. It might help alleviate some of the pump agony caused by Biden’s cronies.

Line 3 covers a 337-mile stretch through Minnesota, ending at the Prevalent Terminal in northwest Wisconsin. This line will eventually convey 760,000 barrels by mid-month. The project was begun by the Calgary-based energy firm Enbridge in 2017 after the U.S. DOJ and EPA demanded that old lines get replaced. 

It’s a win for the American people and for our country’s economic freedom that this happened. To avoid spikes in prices, businesses need to find ways to resist unfriendly oil and natural gas policies instead of only pursuing renewable energy sources. 

U.S. citizens were stunned when there was an incredible energy hack that created a public emergency. In May, the country’s biggest pipeline encountered a five-day closure following a ransomware assault. The Pioneer Pipeline, which transports 45% of the fuel for the east coast, was stopped cold, which caused gas shortages in 14 states.

Keystone XL and Line 3 can help prevent this type of attack from crippling our economy in the future by creating alternative pathways for oil and natural gas. 

Joe Biden presented his ‘Breaking Bad Better’ plan in January. He put 11,000 employees associated with the Keystone XL Pipeline. He thinks that he can give individuals something to do instead of employment. The intention for the pipeline pursued under Donald Trump was to build through Nebraska to reach the oil refineries on the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

After nine months, this Canadian pipeline finished another stretch. But the White House does not seem to care about Line 3. And leftist activists, who shut down Keystone XL, want to prohibit American energy independence with the Green New Deal-style regulations. 

As Donald Trump stated, there are significant economic benefits to building projects that go beyond jobs alone. Businesses, auto dealers, hotels, and restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin are invigorated. 

Protestors of Line 3 have gathered around the 300-mile stretch of the now-functional Minnesota pipeline. It attracts hippies and eco-warriors who want to do whatever it takes to prevent the use of the pipeline, even if it increases gas prices. 

Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar (M.N.) thinks that stopping American energy is about grit, supporting our native neighbors, and defending Indian countries. It’s as if she was living in the 18th century. The state’s top leftist representative has additionally excused protestors, adding one more reason why Democrats cannot lead this country.