Joe Biden is Quickly Running Out of Allies

During the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden enjoyed tremendous backing from multiple allies. He was repeatedly propped up and promoted by not just his handlers, but also left-wing figures in the mainstream media.

It was repeatedly said that getting Biden back in office would turn down division, bring the country together, and ensure “the adults” have control again.

Under the watch of “the adults,” a recession and $10.00 per gallon gas prices are being projected. “The adults” have not shut down baby formula shortages, nor have they managed to fix inflation or iron out the many kinks within the supply chain.

At the end of the day, Biden talks about how well the nation is doing under his leadership. Yet, every single day, Americans wake up with reminders of just how untrue this is.

Now, even some of Biden’s most loyal defenders are tiring of him.

The Downfall of the Biden Presidency
A fresh poll by the Associated Press shows the president’s nationwide approval rating stands at just 39%. Just 12 months ago, Biden carried a 63% approval rating.

The massive drop speaks volumes and mathematically speaking, it shows that Republicans aren’t the only folks who have a serious bone to pick with this president.

However, when Democrats are polled on their views of Biden, the findings are even more revealing.

Despite the Democrat Party pulling out every effort to elect Biden, only 33% of Democrats believe the nation is on the right course. This is a 16% decline from the number of Democrats polled on this matter back in April.

Over the same time period, Biden’s approval rating amongst Democrats dropped by 10%. Today, just 73% of the party approves of the president it helped to elect.

On top of this, networks that are far from right-wing or even friendly to conservatives are pointing out the various problems attached to Biden’s leadership.

Lower Poll Numbers to Come?
Biden’s poor performance in the Oval Office isn’t doing the Democrat Party any favors. It is a significant factor as to why so many left-wing congressional candidates are struggling.

Polls covering the November midterms have consistently shown Republicans leading Democrats and on track to winning again. Biden argues that GOP victories will cause sadness to spread across the nation.

Sadness already exists for Americans unable to afford the basic necessities or remain safe in communities being hit hard by crime. If Biden continues as he has been, his odds of keeping allies will continue going down the drain.