Joe Biden Is Run By A Democrat Party That Imports Workers To Cast False Votes

When was the last time you read about a controversy at a polling site where anyone was turned away because they did not have the proper ID or were in the wrong location to vote? 

Presumably, the lawless Democrats favor harassing and suing polling agents and representatives who adhere to laws. Even without voter ID laws, as of 2021, 36 states have voter ID requirements. You are still required to show proof of your address and sign the voter rolls. If someone is not listed, they should be told to leave. Period. Rejecting invalid voters should be happening all the time. 

But the Biden-Harris maladministration is enlarging voter rolls with illegal aliens to cast a ballot for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections. New US residents are being rushed through the citizenship process by President Joe Biden in his United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

President Joe Biden has expanded the number of immigrants getting naturalized American citizenship. It permits them to cast a ballot in the midterm races. According to the United States, Citizenship and Immigration Services, a massive increase in citizenship applications has been granted by an anti-President eager to water down the votes of native-born Americans. 

CNN reports revealed that Democrats endeavor to massively increase the naturalization rates before the 2022 midterm and 2024 presidential races. From October 1, 2020, to September 30, around 855,000 immigrants became naturalized American citizens. It is the largest group of guest workers getting naturalized in any year over the last ten years. Over 2,300 immigrants were naturalized each day during the Biden administration. And if you think that this is Joe’s evil plan, you are clueless. It is a Democrat plan, and Joe is along for the ride like grandpa on your summer vacation. 

All statistics are based on the financial year rather than the calendar year. In 2020, during Donald Trump’s last year in office plagued by Anthony Fauci and the COVID-19 pandemic, around 625,400 guest workers were naturalized. In 2019, 844,000 workers were naturalized, and in 2018, almost 762,000 were naturalized. In 2008, the last year of George W. Bush’s suspicious presidency, over 1,000,000 workers were naturalized. Bush did not do anything to help McCain get elected instead of Obama. 

Legal immigrants from Mexico are the most considerable guest workers, followed by India, the Philippines, China, and Cuba. US Census Bureau figures from the Center for Immigration Studies show that the country’s foreign-born population grew by 1.6 million over the last year. 

Biden would sign anything his staff put in front of him, implement an executive order killing barriers to naturalization, expanding the naturalization process, and significantly diminishing the current naturalization handling times. 

According to The Pew Research Center, newly naturalized citizens from foreign countries with very different cultural and governmental ideas support liberals. The American dream is dead, and the American culture in many cities supports socialism. In many cases, assimilation into the traditional American culture is not happening or indeed not happening quickly enough. 

After Democrat losses in the 2021 elections are desperate to change the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential elections. An enormous influx of new voters is necessary for liberals in various swing states to retain their power. In Pennsylvania, Biden won the state by under 81,000 votes in a highly questionable manner using main Philadelphia and some districts in Pittsburgh to hide maleficence. Look for a booming population of Democrat-controlled dependents in major cities across the nation if Republicans do nothing to prevent this pattern from continuing.  

Democrats are banking on Demographics, and there are very few megatrends that favor conservatives unless you count the desire to breathe free air!