Joe Biden Is The Front Man For Liberalisms Soft Administrative Tyranny

Every president is the product of his personnel and policy choices. Remember Scott Faulkner, National Director of Personnel for Ronald Reagan, who famously said, “personnel is policy.” In many ways, the personality of our executive leaders overshadows the fact that they all represent a particular constituency, special interests, and establishment. 

Donald Trump tried unsuccessfully to shrug off the requirements for good human resources and trusted advisors. Yes, the attachments by the tentacles of the deep state must be trimmed and pruned. But, in their place are other arms to pull the levers of government. Trump believed that his personality could dominate those around him, but every person in each office of the White House is a narcissist. 

However, the anti-President Joe Biden appears humble by comparison when he is vapid and conniving. He is the very definition of an empty suit. His staff, the liberal media, and donors, including international interests such as China, made a marionette for dancing. 

He is the perfect figurehead for a Democrat Party run behind the scenes by Obama organizational managers. 

Biden’s falling polling ratings demonstrate that most people do not think he is doing a good job. So this gives the Democrats a fall guy, old dementia riddled good ole’ boy from Scranton. The media will tell you that he is being attacked by mean Republicans who must not like the elderly. 

Joe Biden may be objectively the most terrible American president we have ever had. And that is saying something. 

But do not forget Biden is a sock puppet for the extreme liberals who are concealed. Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings, and her staff is chomping at the bit to leave the shadows. 

Joe Biden is not even in charge of his diet. And this man who is harming America today is not a master strategist. He did not determine how to increase gas costs, wreck our supply chain, increase food costs, plunge our economy into despair, incite racial hatred, divide America with gender confusion, flood the border with illegal immigrants, and promote moral deficiencies.

Leftists are running Joe Biden like an asset, and he is taking the fall of his maladministration’s failures like a setup guy in a fixed fight. Biden’s psychological decline is part of the ploy. He was never bright enough to settle his policy positions and mostly did what he was told to do. 

Democrat Party hacks realized that placing Biden in the White House would allow them to make the most fateful choices without direct political ramifications. His political capital fuel tank has been empty for years. Therefore they get to run him into the ground. 

Executive orders prepared for him on his first day in office were part of a continuous power of attorney scam run on the American people. Biden signs whatever his staff puts in front of him. Liberal legislators get a President who does not have a plan of his own. Therefore he will sign any bill they pass. 

Biden will be a scapegoat for America’s ills and sent into the wilderness to die. Americans should be mad at this con job. But too many people accept the narrative the media shoves down their throat. They have succumbed to the lies spread by the leftist government officials and liberal media. As Thomas Paine wrote, “The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country.” 

True patriots will rise to the call.