Joe Biden Just Got Caught In Another Self Serving Lie About His Past

Many narcissists like President Joe Biden have a habit of telling outright fabricated stories about themselves. These megalomaniacs are so delusional that they might even believe the lies they’re telling are true, caught in their web of fantasy of deception. Joe Biden has told several big humdingers about himself over the years, and this one is no different.

While sucking up to local voters in Idaho, as he was paying a visit to the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, the president told the crowd that his first job offer was from a lumber company in Boise. He said lumber firm, Boise Cascade, was the first company ever to offer him a job when he was a young man.

There’s just one big problem with Joe Biden’s story: it’s a total and complete lie. The Boise Cascade company confirmed to the media that there is no record of Joe Biden ever receiving a job offer from their company. But the president can’t help himself. He’s been lying for so long, telling tall tales, and is practically the old senator from Delaware’s second language.

He ran for president for the first time in the 1988 presidential election. Senator Joe Biden had to drop out of the Democratic primary after it surfaced that he had committed plagiarism. He can’t even do the work or put things into his own words, instead claiming credit for the writing and work that someone else did as if it was his own. But then again, that’s what politicians do with all these great gifts of civilization that the productive class of society works to build.

Back in 2018, when the Tree of Life synagogue was infamously the site of a brutal mass rampage killing, Joe Biden lied and said that he had visited the synagogue before. As it turns out, Joe had never visited the place. He had talked to one of the rabbis there on the phone once. But he couldn’t help himself embellishing that he had been there, to earn the sympathy and respect of the voters, because that’s all he cares about. According to the executive director of the Tree of Life Temple, Biden has never visited the synagogue.

It’s an impeachment of the character and morality of the American electorate that they’re willing to put up with politicians who habitually lie instead of demanding the highest standards of integrity from their public servants. At this point, Americans write off political deception as a cost of doing business. They accept it as usual. They expect politicians to lie to them. And they go on voting for them anyway, rationalizing that “the other side” does it too.

Identity politics has a role to play in all this as much as narcissism does. When it’s all about tribe versus tribe in a battle for power, rather than a cooperative society working together in a tapestry of competence and value, people have little use for truth. Whatever words advance the group’s power over other groups, those are the words that it’s good to utter in the amoral, postmodern worldview of the identity politics agitators behind the rise of Joe Biden to the presidency.