Joe Biden May Be Preparing For A 2024 Exit

Unfortunately for the nation, things haven’t been good with Joe Biden as president. Biden has repeatedly made terrible decisions that weaken the nation and otherwise put us in harm’s way.

From immigration to the economy, Biden’s shown that he lacks the judgment calls, understanding of policy, and overall temperament to lead the United States.

The problems created by this president have put him into a situation where his poll numbers are a disaster, and people want him gone.

However, as it happens to turn out, Biden may secretly want an exit plan, too. In a recent interview, the 46th president commented that he could have a strategy to leave the White House in 2024, per RedState.

While speaking with ABC News, the 46th president stated that he’s a huge believer in fate, as it’s materialized in his life on more than one occasion. Biden then declared if chance allows him to be healthy during the next election season, he’ll make another go for the White House.

When asked about whether or not he’d be up for a rematch against President Trump, Biden declared another chance to run against Trump would increase his odds of working on getting a second term.

The 46th president also seemed to get a laugh out of the thought of having to run against Trump again. However, the reason why Biden would find this to be funny remains a mystery.

Several surveys have shown that a Trump vs. Biden rematch in 2024 could end with the former being victorious. Even many people who voted for Biden in 2020 are regretful and have publicly expressed how much they wish they could take back their votes on social media.

A rematch against Trump would likely not be the slam dunk that Biden believes it would be.

While Biden seems to be setting up an exit plan to depart from the White House after his present term runs out, many people question whether he’ll even last that long.
The 46th president’s behaviors, slurred speech, and other ticks indicated that his health is not entirely up to par already. At this time, Biden faces repeated calls to take a cognitive test and then publicize the results. However, this is something the 46th president has unsurprisingly chosen not to do.

Whether or not Biden runs for office is anyone’s guess. Whether the Democratic nominee is in 2024, Republicans will undoubtedly be on a mission to take back the White House.