Joe Biden Plans To Send Billions More To Ukraine

The United States economy continues to take one body blow after the next. From the current recession to Americans being laid off, many people are in bad shape.

Inflation continues to grow over time, despite the Federal Reserve constantly moving up the interest rate. Months ago, economists warned what the central bank was doing could very well trigger a recession.

In the middle of all this, Congress and the president just passed a new spending bill worth billions of dollars. This is supposedly designed to bring down inflation. However, economists have also stated there’s no evidence the Inflation Reduction Act will lower costs.

In spite of all that’s facing America today, Joe Biden is still preparing to send billions more to Ukraine.

The Latest Handout From the Biden Administration
Wednesday will mark a full six months since Russia invaded Ukraine. The war that Russian officials thought would take days is now set to last for what looks to be an indefinite time period.

Many Americans have expressed sympathy for the situation Ukraine faces. However, this doesn’t negate the economic problems here at home. This is why Biden’s come under fire for preparing to send $3 billion more to Ukraine, this time for military training purposes.

Conservatives have suggested that Biden cares more about the war in Ukraine than about fixing the problems he created here in the United States.

The president has already sent billions to Ukraine. When previously asked about when a cut-off point would arrive, Biden simply said this process will play out “as long as it takes.”

The $3 billion new handout comes on the heels of the US Embassy in Ukraine telling American citizens to leave the country as quickly as possible.

No Plans For America
As Americans are turning to the dollar store for their groceries and having to ration time spent driving to save gas money, Biden’s been on vacation.

There’ve been no new announcements from his administration on how to fix the supply chain, secure the southern border, or otherwise tackle issues that need fixing.

Ironically, it’s been widely speculated that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan last year inadvertently played a role in the start of the Ukraine-Russia war. Now, there’s no telling how much longer Americans will be, both literally and figuratively, paying for it.