Joe Biden Plays The ‘Inside Game’ Because He Doesn’t Have An Outside Game

According to a recent story, Joe Biden has remained mute in public because he is busy playing the inside game. According to the Washington Post, the president is participating in the reconciliation bill debate on Capitol Hill.

In the run-up to the midterm elections, Joe Biden is investing a significant amount of time and political capital on Capitol Hill. His congressional hurdles have intensified from phone conversations on the White House veranda to one-on-one and group gatherings. They highlight his White House’s dependence on an inside game, rather than the bully pulpit, to persuade stubborn holdouts to change their minds.

Just as an aside, the writers don’t need to explain or justify how “a terrible midterm” for congressional Democrats is already a baseline assumption. Joe Biden has usually avoided more risky public pressure efforts that may backfire and are seen as being contrary to his character. According to the reports since Labor Day, the White House’s daily direction has included just private sessions with Biden eight times. Furthermore, Biden has attended public events related to the agenda, but he has not given a formal press interview.

The bully pulpit has been relegated to the status of a walker. This president’s public arguments are ineffective, and they persuade no one of anything. In terms of power, he went from honeymoon to lame duck in a flash. Moreover, the Democrats are still likely to pass something this year, and whatever they approve, Biden will sign it, and everyone knows it, so he has no leverage. If he doesn’t, he won’t be able to speak to voters or respond to questions from reporters, which will harm his popularity among Americans. But still, he has 39 more months to go in his term.