Joe Biden Wants To Raise Taxes, But He Evaded $500,000 In Medicare Taxes

Joe Biden and Democrats are pushing for a major tax overhaul to raise federal revenue by trillions. The government had not already spent trillions in “emergency” fiscal and monetary stimulus after the hoaxed-up crisis of last year. 

Like the knee-jerk, dumb, blind, and deaf automatons that most politicians and political activists are following a pre-defined partisan political script and completely unable to think for themselves, the party of Jefferson (who believed in small government) marches inexorably forward toward one of the minor creative possible policy “solutions.”

But of course, the president himself has had a history of evading federal taxes. Don’t be surprised. All you had to know was that Joe Biden is a career Washington politician reelected to the U.S. senate for many decades. It’s almost a guarantee anyone like that cheats on their taxes, especially if the newspapers print a “(D)” next to their name.

Democrats, who love above all things, to eat food they did not harvest, to work in grand buildings they did not build, and wear clothes and finery they did not pay for these envious, green-eyed monsters of the U.S. Treasury’s ill-gotten largesse can’t seem to resist cheating on their taxes.

Biden, who wants to raise the top corporate tax rate as high as 43% (but he’ll settle for 39.6%), also plans to remove deductions for business losses after a year of catastrophic business losses caused by his own hysterical, unconstitutional Covid policies.

And don’t forget, in this brief article, you’ve already read more facts about Joe Biden’s tax plan than he can remember. So this president can’t even remember how much money he wants to steal from the American people.

Yet Joe Biden himself, according to a recent report by the Congressional Research Service, may have improperly avoided paying some half a million, $500,000, in U.S. Medicare taxes, by improperly reporting income from his ghoulish speeches pandering to corporate groups that he represents and groping some JP Morgan executive’s wife and kids afterward.

See, and everyone who knows the Santa NORAD reports every December are faked knows that Joe Biden and the Democrats aren’t really on the side of the poor and middle class against the Wall Street corporate soul-sucking, quarterly-profit beating machine. All this noise about raising taxes is just corporate partisan branding. It’s marketing that they desperately need to do for cover, so the American people don’t vote them all out for being on Gordon Gekko’s side.

The Democrats have been getting filthy rich off of politics while claiming poor and middle-class friends. They got addicted to all that Wall Street money during the Clinton years after Bill had made deep inroads to massive Democratic funders in New York in the 90s. By Obama, they showed up with deep pockets, and JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs were among his biggest donors. These guys are elite tax cheats, not heroes.