Joe Biden’s Border Chief Complains About Governor Abbott’s Illegal Immigrant Buses

President Joe Biden’s border chief is complaining about thousands of illegal immigrants being bussed to Democrat-run cities by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott began bussing illegals to left-wing cities like Washington, D.C., and New York City in a bid to force Democrats to face the real-world consequences of their disastrous border policies, instead of just letting small border towns deal with the problems of the wave of illegal immigrants flooding through the wide-open border. Texas has bussed nearly 9,000 illegals to NYC and Washington, D.C. in recent months.

Biden’s border chief, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, appeared on CNN on Thursday to whine about the Texas governor’s actions.

“That lack of coordination wreaks problems in our very efficient processing,” Mayorkas said.

“These cities have certain capacities… They have the infrastructure to address the needs of migrants, and we need to calibrate the movement of people, according to their capacity and their efficiencies. And that is not being done,” he continued.

“It is problematic, however, when an official works, not in collaboration with us, but unilaterally, and that lack of coordination wreaks problems in our very efficient processing,” Mayorkas added.

“It also puts financial pressure on us, in that we fund the non-profit organizations,” he complained. “We understand their capacity. We understand their needs, and when that action is not coordinated with us, and with them, the whole system is out of whack.”

Of course, Mayorkas has no right to complain, as Abbott is just doing exactly what he and the rest of the Biden administration have been doing behind Americans’ backs since taking office.

Since 2021, the DHS secretary has been using taxpayers’ money to process illegal immigrants into a nationwide, multi-city network of nonprofits, legal firms and transport networks — then quickly and secretly moving them to different areas across the country.

On August 20, the New York Times reported:

“We know their shoe sizes, we know their medical needs, we know their court cases, where their ICE check-ins are,” said Sergio Tupac Uzurin, a volunteer with NYC ICE Watch. “The city wasn’t doing any of that.”

The welcome centers are staffed partly by the city and partly by nonprofits, including Team TLC NYC and Masbia, that provide food, clothing, and other aid.

The funding for the Biden administration’s smuggling network — which includes nighttime flights of illegal immigrants into U.S. cities — comes out of a myriad of government accounts, including accounts whose funding was allocated for other tasks by Congress.

So far, Mayorkas and his partners have secretly transported approximately three million people — including around one million people who snuck across the border — to jobs, homes and government aid throughout the United States.

Abbott’s actions have forced supporters of illegal immigration in the mainstream media in New York and Washington, D.C., to publicize the significant influx of illegal immigrants into the country, and to acknowledge the Democrats’ decision to spend taxpayer money on illegals rather than on Americans.

“Most of America has not really understood the magnitude of the problem that we have on the border until we started sending these buses up to New York,” Abbott told Fox News.

“This is not a Texas problem,” he added. “This is an American problem caused by the President of the United States of America. And so many people have been blind to this until suddenly buses of migrants started showing up in their city, which is a sanctuary city, by the way.”

Despite the bad optics of the Biden administration’s poor handling of the border crisis, the left is still demanding that the government spend even more money on illegals at a time when Americans are suffering due to a failing economy.

“In Washington, D.C., meanwhile, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is asking for an additional $50 million for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program to handle the migrant influx from Texas and Arizona,” Fox News reported on August 24.

Leftist activists in New York are also calling for the government to spend more taxpayer dollars, demanding that $50 million be spent integrating the illegal immigrants into NYC.