Joe Biden’s Brother To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry

In the latest installment of the House inquiry considering whether President Joe Biden is eligible for impeachment, the president’s brother has been called in for a private interview.

James Biden, younger brother of the commander-in-chief, is scheduled to appear on February 21 before Republicans of the House of Representatives. The meeting is part of the GOP-led House Oversight Committee’s investigative efforts to determine if the president committed impeachable crimes related to foreign business dealings.

Specifically, the probe is scrutinizing some of Joe Biden’s actions while he was vice president to determine whether he used his powerful position to financially benefit his own family.

During the most recent interview, James is expected to be thoroughly questioned about his own business ventures, some of which have previously involved China and were a joint investment with his nephew Hunter Biden, the infamous son of the president. James was also once in on suspicious business dealings with a healthcare organization that wound up going bankrupt.

According to Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a member of the House Oversight Committee, the bulk of the questions for James will focus on the time before President Biden was a presidential candidate and in the White House. Jordan shared this information in a brief meeting with the press on February 21.

The Republican’s public remarks also noted that there is “important” information to be gathered about when President Biden was campaigning for his place in the Oval Office, including what Jordan described as “the lies, the campaign [and] the rigged election.”

The American public has shown understandable interest in the ongoing presidential impeachment inquiry, which has revealed a number of concerning things. Probes into the past of Hunter Biden in particular have led to recurring questions about his actions, such as speculation that he smoked cocaine while in the White House.

Even as James was arriving at Capitol Hill, giving reporters a few seconds to ask him questions that he ignored as he entered the building, one video clip circulating on social media showed a reporter asking James if his nephew had “smoke[d] crack at the White House.”

Though the interview with James is behind closed doors, the nation has already guessed some of the incidents which would be discussed.

In 2017, James reportedly received multiple payments to his company, amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The money was sent by Rob Walker, Hunter’s associate, and was connected to an energy business that had ties with the Chinese communist government.

Another concerning incident took place the following year, when James was sent more than half a million dollars from a company called Americore. James had received the funds for compensation of a promise that he would assist the healthcare company in obtaining investments from the Middle East.