Joe Biden’s Gaffes Are Piling Up

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, polling shows that many Americans have reservations about his mental state. The president faces repeated calls to take a cognitive test and then release the results before the public. Biden, of course, has yet to do this.

White House doctor-turned-congressman Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) remains vigilant in warning the country that Biden is unwell and dangerous. Jackson, who has worked for several presidents, says Biden’s constant gaffes and slip-ups are a national security concern that needs to be taken seriously.

Time and time again, the president gives credence to the Texas congressman’s warnings without intending to. Over the course of just this month alone, Biden put his foot in his mouth on numerous occasions.

A Pitiful Display For a US President
During the first half of this month, Biden traveled to Maryland to give a rallying speech about his efforts on jobs. Yet, this quickly went left when the president claimed “Made in America” is “two words.”

Days before that, the president called out for deceased Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) while speaking at an event about hunger, health, and nutrition.

This particular blunder raised many eyebrows, seeing as Biden himself previously released a statement after Walorski’s untimely passing, acknowledging her death.

The White House would later try to clean this up by saying the late Indiana congresswoman was “top of mind” for Biden, but most Americans saw through this.

Of course, when Biden visited Florida earlier this month to survey damages from Hurricane Ian, he couldn’t do this without problems. For one thing, he lied about the extent of a house fire he suffered over a decade ago. During this same visit, the president was also caught cursing on a hot mic, alleging that “no one f—s with a Biden.”

Roughly a couple weeks before this, Biden also incorrectly alleged that his vice president is actually the sitting president.

Unfit to Lead
Far too many gaffes and mistakes have come from Biden in a relatively short time period. If someone else in any other job made this amount of errors, they’d likely already have gotten a pink slip.

Many of Biden’s critics are expressing support for using the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. Others warn that it’s dangerous for this current president to have access to the nuclear codes and other sensitive information when he’s clearly not in his right mind.