Joe Confused In The Middle Of A Speech

A President with apparent disabilities is speaking to America about Americans with disabilities. It sounds like the start of a perfect joke, but this is reality.
Biden spoke to America about the Americans with Disabilities Act and showed his disabilities as he does. Biden, recently being known for his “glitches” while saying, has declined even further. Biden’s handlers have done everything they can to keep Biden on the script and make sure he takes no questions that aren’t scripted and approved, but sometimes they slip by.

Biden said, “Thank you all for being here. Second, uh, by the way, where’s mom? Mom, is she here?” Someone from the crowd tells him no, not that she’s watching. “Oh, she’s not. Is she watching? Oh okay, I thought she looked, she said, mom was out there, I was going to ask her to stand up, mom you can’t stand up if you’re at home, but uh, folks, I’ll give you a, thank you for what you’ve done.”

What is Joe Biden talking about? Whose mom was he looking for? Probably a guest, but why wouldn’t Biden know who was there when he spoke in front of America?

Biden spoke about long Covid symptoms and better vaccine access to Americans with disabilities, but the stumbles didn’t end with him calling for mom.

“And I know that today’s fearless advocates, some of whom are here today, are going to accomplish incredible things. People like m, m, m, like Mr. Tuttle, where are you? Stand up, man,” is another time Biden stumbled through his words during the speech and after, “And as I said, you, uh, courageous advocates who led the way 31 years ago. A long time before the progress for the foundation is strong, though.” What? The progress for the foundation is substantial, though? That doesn’t quite make sense. Biden ended with, “May God bless you all, and may God protect our troops.” Yeah, he said may God protect our troops.

What’s most shocking is that Kamala Harris has to remind Biden to honor Tyree Brown, a disability advocate, and artist, who was the guest at the ceremony. Kamala Harris said, “Honor this hero right there,” as Biden was looking around. Biden said, “I know, I just wanted to make sure I got all the…” and Harris said, “Just…” and Biden turned to Brown and hands of a pen.

It happened just after Biden claimed to be on the Judiciary committee 150 years ago.
That gives you a sense of who runs this country. The Vice President on the world stage tells the President what to do and reminds him to honor the guest on the scene. Humiliating, but this is reality.