Joe Manchin Holds Biden Accountable Yet Again

When Joe Biden came into office a little over a year ago, he believed that having Democrats in the House and the Senate would give him a free ride to do whatever he pleased.

Granted, Biden did manage to get specific spending packages passed into law. However, the Build Back Better Act is where the president got greedy and lost support from the more moderate members of his party.

Democrats Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are the ones who have stood up to Biden on a range of issues, telling him they won’t be voting for what he wants. It pertains to the Build Back Better Act and the president’s interest in taking down the Senate filibuster.

Biden is furious that Sinema and Manchin aren’t bending to his will. Recently, the president even derogatorily mentioned Manchin as a “senator from West Virginia” who keeps bemoaning the heavy spending of the Build Back Better agenda that lacks the support to pass Congress.

Now, on yet another issue, Sen. Manchin is holding Biden’s feet to the fire. According to RedState, the current matter deals with the United States’ reliance on oil from the Russian government.

During an interview with “Meet the Press,” Manchin laid into the inherently absurd nature of Biden’s refusal to support domestic energy production.

The West Virginia Democrat declared the United States can produce cleaner, better quality and less costly than relying on foreign nations for energy. Manchin’s remarks come as Biden resists bipartisan calls to end the American intake of Russian oil.

Reports now indicate the president is talking with Iran about obtaining oil from them rather than allowing the United States to resume its energy production.

Manchin later told “Meet the Press” that with the technology and resources at our disposal here in America, there’s no reason why we can’t generate our oil and stop making ourselves accountable to other nations for it.

America’s enemies are growing stronger than ever as our leadership grows weaker and more ineffective. The White House’s continued resistance against domestic energy production brings unnecessary risks, expenses and dangers that can be avoided.

It is once again an example of Biden embarrassing our country on the world stage and refusing to prioritize America’s best interests. It speaks volumes that both Republicans and even some Democrats understand the importance of domestic energy production, yet Biden still doesn’t get it.