Joe Manchin Just Sent Biden A ‘Warning Shot’

With Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer set to retire in a matter of months, this has created a forthcoming vacancy that needs to be filled.

Biden has gone on record, declaring that he’ll select a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court. He’s reportedly vetting various potential candidates now.

However, recent polls have shown that more than seven out of ten Americans believe Biden should look at all viable potentials, not just gender and race.

The sitting President claims he wants bipartisan support for his nominee to serve on the Supreme Court. However, Biden also said he’d unify the country, only to toss this promise to the wayside later.

Biden is expected to have a nominee ready for Senate confirmation. However, West Virginia Senator and Moderate Democrat Joe Manchin just sent a critical message to the President, per TheBlaze.

In a conversation with the media, the West Virginia Democrat made it known that if a Supreme Court nominee is presented before the Senate in the eleventh hour before a presidential race, Manchin won’t vote in favor.

The moderate lawmaker likewise noted this is a matter of principle for him and not something he will be hypocritical about. Last month, Manchin informed a radio show in his home state that any Supreme Court nominee chosen by Biden will need the appropriate experience.

Biden’s promise to choose a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court dates back to the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Manchin’s warning about the conditions to earn his vote on a Supreme Court nominee arrives when things have been tense between him and the President.

In December, Manchin sent the White House into a fury when he refused to vote for the Build Back Better agenda, citing it as too costly. Without Manchin’s vote, the evenly split Senate had no chance of advancing Biden’s prized legislation.

Manchin’s announcement that Builds Back Better wouldn’t get his support came after a series of failed negotiations with the White House. Later, the Biden Administration lashed out at Manchin, calling his non-vote a betrayal and a breach of his word.

Since December, progressives within the Democrat Party have repeatedly asked Manchin about Build Back Better. The White House maintained it would keep trying to work with the West Virginia lawmaker on the matter. Manchin maintains that Build Back Better is “dead.”

Biden has not responded to the latest warning from the moderate Democrat.