Joe Publicly Mocks Reporters For Asking Questions

The Biden administration first came into office promising to be transparent and respectful in its leadership. To say the White House hasn’t lived up to this would be a major understatement.

Since Biden got into the White House, there’s been a recurring theme of him dodging the media, not answering questions and warning that he’ll “get in trouble” if he goes off script.

On occasions when Biden has spoken to the media on his own and without flashcards, it’s gone terribly. Now, the White House is working hard to prevent Biden from further embarrassing himself.

Yet, even with the administration’s best efforts, the president is now under fire — once again — for his attitude toward reporters.

A Pitiful Display From the President
On Wednesday, Biden met with the president of Israel at the White House. Later, reporters naturally tried to ask questions of Biden.

Immediately, White House staffers rushed to intervene, shouting at reporters and ushering them out of the room. As this happened, the camera panned over to the president who was seen smirking and mocking reporters trying to get answers from him.

After a string of gaffes from Biden, it appears the White House believes going back to its earlier strategy of keeping him on a short leash is best.

During the earliest days of the Biden administration, he did not interact with the media one-on-one. This only changed after the press and general public repeatedly pushed back and demanded visibility.

Pressure on Biden’s Top Spokesperson
White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is constantly having to provide cover for Biden and explain away his bad behavior.

Earlier in the week, Jean-Pierre was questioned by a reporter who wants the president to give more press conferences. Before that, the White House press secretary was asked about why Biden called out for a dead congresswoman during a recent speech.

Thus far, the White House has yet to put out a statement about Biden’s latest response to reporters who were simply doing their jobs. If the administration does eventually address this, the response will likely center around justifying Biden’s behavior, rather than honestly addressing it.

Since Wednesday’s incident, the president has made several more gaffes that once again have Americans questioning his cognitive capabilities.